January 31, 2011

sleepy stinky, sneaky mommy

monday is daddy's volleyball night.
stinky and i went to grandma and grandpa's for dinner.
we came home and the stinks was asleep
as usual, he woke up when we got to his room
not as usual, he didn't try playing and jumping around
instead we lay, he inside his crib, i outside of it, for 1 hour staring at each other until he fell asleep.. i was falling asleep too... but then i heard someone something calling my name:

it looks like it's for kids... but adults eat it too.
special note * that is not icing, it's COOL WHIP.
i was in shock and awe at the first bite.

ps. i know his socks and pants aren't exactly "matching" -- sometimes i do things to make me smile. 
a mismatched stinky makes me giggle.


  1. i think he always looks adorable. matching or not.

  2. I'll give you about 10 years before he starts worrying that his socks and pants don't match!

  3. That looks like something my parents would have dressed me in. Me loves.

  4. hahaha @ darryl.... do you think your parents kept any of your old baby clothes?!?! ASK THEM!!! i wish my parents had at least kept my purple THRILLER cut off sweater.. .but nope... they kept NOTHING! BOO ON THEM!


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