February 4, 2011

an almost year

almost a year.
almost one whole year has zipped by.. and where was i?
i was here. for every second of it... i was here... fully. and aware. entirely immersed. intimately involved... in your little life.
this almost year, was a year full of life: my life. stef's life. seba's life. all changed. all better. all right.
like an old pair of jeans.. .that you forgot you had... but once you find them and slide them on u wonder how u ever survived without them. this is seba to me. this is stef to me. this is my life to me. snug and comfy. warm and cozy. a perfect fit.
almost a year. the fit of this jean will change yet again. it will be washed and re-washed. it will tighten, it will stretch. it will change. but in the end it will always be my favourite pair of jeans.. and it will always fit me the way i need it to.
my little trio. an almost year is coming up. an almost year is almost here.
life is is damn amazing.
live it.

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