February 21, 2011

Everyone has a bad day...

but you would hope that the bad day doesn't happen to be your baby's first birthday.
i was so excited to prepare and celebrate seba's birthday.. .that now i feel a little let down.  you guys read how excited i was.  my friends and i made all the decorations, we made little cute bookmark loot  cookie bags, i got seba a little onesie made with "Party Monster" on the front and a giant 1 on the back.  The theme was "party monster".  it was supposed to be a "bite size" party for my little bite sized boy.  i made all appetizers: mini risottos, mini pasta, roasted red pepper & tomato soup served in champagne glasses with grilled cheese on top, pulled pork sandwiches, a cheese and salami platter, my mom made mini chicken salad sandwiches,  Vicky made these little cute pizza puffs. we also had a bunch of purchased appetizers to mix in.  For dessert I made fruit kabobs, we had cupcakes and a fruit cheese cake.
so why was my day bad?
to start...  we didn't have enough seats for guests.... we are still waiting for our sofa so we had to make do with chairs all over the family room.... so the house was overcrowded to the max.  my intention was to layout all the apps and then have everyone grab plates and help themselves... but things never go as planned do they?  so in the end... we started serving people things.. and the result was that there were several people around the kitchen island and several people sitting on chairs who didn't get up to eat.  i hardly took any photos cause I was constantly here and there and everywhere.  we sang happy birthday and managed to get almost all the kids in birthday hats around the table... and that was that... it was over faster than i could say happy birthday stinky. 
he was one and now he's one plus one. the day is done. i feel let down. i feel that empty feeling you have immediately after you give birth and realize your baby is no longer inside of you... instead you just have a lump of fat centered at your midsection.... only thing i have a lump of crap centered in my kitchen.
this morning i woke up and went downstairs to clean.  i sat in the kitchen looking at all my hard work... thinking of the day before sitting in this exact chair putting each damn piece of fruit on those kabob sticks.. only to see them now.. a day later uneaten and sad looking.  
then i looked at the decorations we made and smiled.  seba hugged me and i realized: who cares... who cares if things don't go as planned... or if people might not like what you did or the party you had... the important thing is seba had fun. he smiled and smiled and smiled. he played with his aunts and uncles, his cousins and friends. he enjoyed himself... and in the end that's all that matters. it is his birthday and no one else's. and so i wiped my tears... grabbed a left over cupcake, stuffed it in my mouth and continued my cleaning. 
364 days of wonderfulness could never be overshadowed by one day of madness... even if it was his birthday.
and so it ends... my post-birthday post on the monstrous monster bash that one was. daddy is working. seba is climbing me like i'm Everest and i am writing my blog... phew.. life does go back to normal.

ps. vicky captured most of the photos, so i'll be posting them later on today!

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  1. I'm sure you are being too hard on yourself. I bet that everyone had a great time, regardless if they had a place to sit or got their apps. Because really - if Seba was smiling, then how could anyone have a BAD time? You're right - things never go as planned. It's the number two lesson of parenthood. The number one lesson? As long as your kid is having fun, nothing else matters.

  2. you are totally right. in fact, a minute after i wrote this post i regretted it and felt guilty for bashing the monster bash. i think we all had fun... seba was smiling all day long and that is really all that matters. as for the lessons of parenthood: lesson learned! now.. what lesson number 3? i should prepare myself.

  3. Lisa, stop being so hard on yourself. the party looked great and i'm sure everyone had a great time as well.
    it's like a big wedding you know, all the anxiety and preparations take forever and then the wedding party itself only lasts a few hours. booooooooooo!
    Will and i were just talking the other day how sad it is that Lily will NEVER remember any of what is going on right now. only through pictures will she know.
    we are all so hard on ourselves but our babies will not ever remember. boooooooooooo!


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