February 17, 2011

i forgot yesterday was wednesday...

mainly cause i'm super duper busier than busy preparing for our little monster's birthday bash. 
anyhow.. today's thursday, so we have a little thrift action. 
very little.
we bought this new toy from value village for $5 -- we love it...almost more than he does.  

if i have time and energy i may post a few of my lovely finds from the week.  i hope i have time. i hope i have energy. i hope i get all my arts & crafts done today! wish me luck. i need it.  
did i mention i am the least crafty person i know?!   i usually have ideas.. but other people make them a reality.   today i smile. today i'm proud of my artistically challenged self.  yay me.
shouts to stefano and vicky for aiding, inspiring and fostering my new do-it-yourselfer attitude! 

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  1. hope you get everything you want to get done, done. good luck.
    and don't forget to breath!!

  2. I continue to be dumbfounded at the amazing stuff you find!


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