February 8, 2011

i spy with my stinky eye:

stinky's view (kinda!): 01.30.11 - 02.05.11
opening and closing drawers -- at least he's learned to keep his fingers on the outside. a cute place mat from grandma! an adorable alysia =)

"Noooo Seba!" two words Seba hears a lot lately --> he hates this word and it makes him cry... especially when he tries to climb the stairs unsupervised! a warm, snuggly bath for three... i wish these days could last forever.


  1. baby gate for the bottom of the stairs? these little ones are oh so quick! lol

  2. ya i know.. we need to get one... it was the first thing they taught in our prenatal class... always have one at the bottom and the top! but until now we haven't needed it... in fact.. when on the main floor we are always together... which is why stinky is always caught!

  3. that is so great that you can all take a bath together. i love that! wish we had a bath tub...


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