February 7, 2011

it's monday. again.

the weekend is officially too short. 
i don't know why i make lists when they only depress me. 
too much to do, too little time to easily distracted.
my plan was to:
clean my kitchen and re-organize cupboards
clean up the guestroom which still has some stuff brought back from Italy
clean and re-organize seba's closet
make some decorations for seba's birthday

my reality was:
cleaned kitchen and re-organized cupboards 

cleaned and re-organized Seba's closet 

went skating at the pond 

went to overeat at a pub xx
ate cupcakes and drank beer xxx

woke up at 7:30am Sunday and washed and dried my hair  (seriously deserves three √ ... i can't believe i took my hair out of it's week-long bun!)

sang and danced around with my boys 
the hokey pokey tired me out!

visited lovely friends 
had a super bowl part for 4.5 people 
this all means that i made NO decorations for the stinks' birthday and did not clean the guestroom xxxx

√ --> great job lisa!
x --> terrible job lisa! the more Xs, the more terrible!

either way, here i am... feeling somewhat of an underachiever this weekend. ... that isn't to say i didn't have fun during my unsuccessfully successful weekend.

last week is over. i was  am obsessed.

Cutting boards
my dad gave me this one... i thought it was going to be wood... but considering my obsession with everything Martha Stewart.. I am happy to report it's white.. just like hers. Obsessed.

Cute Sweater 50% off -- but not yet 75% -- wait for lisa, wait for it.


i had originally thought these would be so cute in my black and white guestroom. on the bookshelf. but now that i take a second look, they scare me. 

missing one hook! blah!

birdcages. obsessed. 

this is an earring display. it's cute. but it smells like spray paint. not cute.

lovely! plant pot? wine/ice bucket? sold.

love colour. love books. sold.

Portraits. Randomly placed around the house. thanks Trish. thanks Vicky. thanks brickhouse blog. i have joined the "we like weird things, but we don't know why" self help group. let you know how it goes.

she stares at me from my nightstand. stefano is worried about me. stinky loves her.

Value Village, GoodWill, used and abused items.
would write more/post photos.. but I have just been given the "middle finger" with Stefano's middle toe... which means.... to be cont'd.

good morning monday... can you tell tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday to take their time this week?

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  1. sometimes you have to put "must do things" aside to spend family time together instead. family time you will never get back. all the other things are so not important.

    love the tamara de lempicka portrait on your night stand. she is one of my favorite female artists.

  2. Very true. Family time is worth way more than all the rest!
    I love the Rafaela portrait too:) Stefano's friend painted it for an art class and gave it to him when he moved to Canada.

  3. beer & cupcakes should never = xxx.

  4. just found your blog. love it :)



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