February 23, 2011

the making of a monsterbash

invite designed by Vicky and printed by Papertalk Press (Stak Print Solutions Inc)
i made the little poem because we preferred books as the stinks has one billion toys already...
it ended up looking and sounding so cute on the invite.
stinky received a lot of books.

02.19.11: preparations

(and yes, the calendar has the wrong day)

Cookie Bags

 02.20.11: the big day

cooking with my man

... and it all boils down to this perfect shot.
some kids hate santa claus, others hate touching cupcakes with their hands.
stinky refused to move his hands from his side, but wanted someone to feed him the "dirty" cupcake.
this news made vicky's mom proud. 

i devoured all of vicky's pizza puffs completely on my own.






 02.21.11: without even asking.. he just went ahead and turned one.

aunty trish made a toad stool and a cute little owl for stinky!

uncle jay, aunty ana, tristan  & alysia gave stinky a little help with walking

his name is sebastian. gifted from aunty vicky and uncle phil. can't get any monsterier than that.

trunki: stinky's very own carry-on luggage. now he's ready to travel in style.
stokke.  stinky's previous high chair which we found on a neighbour's lawn officially died a couple weeks back. the seatbelt broke.  we were using a belt for a while. it was time for a new chair. what a tough decision this was. we were between ikea, phil & ted's and stokke. i know.. huge contrast.
we went stokke. 
i was a little concerned that the stinks would be slithering out of it... but instead he loves it. 
group shot of all the wonderful books stinky received for his birthday
a huge thanks to all our family and friends that spent the day with us
can you believe he only had 1 set of doubles and one book he already has?
quadricycle: a new obsession begins...


  1. see, i don't know why you were freaking out. the party looks GREAT!!! and look at ALL those gifts! WOOHOO!!!!!!!

  2. Everything looks incredible! I absolutely LOVE the invitations!! Stinky looks like he was totally spoiled - as he deserves to be. Happy Birthday wishes to the little guy and to YOU! I don't know if you feel the same, but I now feel like celebrating our children's birthdays are way more of a milestone in our own lives than our own birthdays.

  3. Love the decorations, and especially love asking for books over toys. I think we'll do that for Ainsleys birthday, smart mama :)

  4. I adore all your crafty decor!!! Hah, a rhyme :)
    Wanna design my wedding???


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