February 21, 2011

stinky's monster bash was not so monstrous after all

 i can't believe i called this day "madness" in my previous post.  dramatic me.  my perspective changed a lot after viewing these photos. 
 it went from madness to madlove.
happy birthday my beautiful boy. i love you like no other. so much so that sometimes it makes me mad. 
(loony, bananas, crazy, cuckoo, wacky)

show's over folks!

ok guys... so much credit to give for some of these wonderful birthday ideas. 
monsters were free cut by vicky while looking at this blog. the green drunk monster was an original addition created by vicky while looking at her fiancé phillip.
the bookmark idea was from this beautiful baby shower ... the only difference was that we used vintage golden books to make the little banner at the top and attached yummy cookies in cute little polka dot baggies.
the tissue balls were a combined effort of monique, joan, vicky, stefano and myself. they took a beyond LONG time to complete... and i will leave them in my kitchen until seba is able to reach up and take them down himself... at which point i will pull him down and leave them up even longer.
the onesie shirt was made by 1hrt ... $22 american apparel with print. you do the whole thing online. it's great.

... and of course some phonetography to follow...

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  1. You and your friends did an AMAZING job! I wasn't going to do a big bash for V's first b-day but your decor is so much fun that now I think I might change my mind. Complimenti.. and Auguri to Seba!

  2. aw, happy belated b-day to Seba. the party looks awesome and full of color. love the pics of him on the blue chair.

  3. thanks ladies! Seriously... it was so fun preparing for seba's birthday... i'm not even a crafty person... i surprised myself! our kids bring out the best in us.. this is for sure.

  4. happy birthday!!!!
    GORGEOUS family!!

  5. All of these pictures are so gorgeous! I thought I was looking at Ohdeedoh.com. You need to submit these photo's to their website!! You deserve your own feature!!

  6. thanks Randalin =) hmm... maybe I will?!


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