February 24, 2011

Thrift Thursdays: the stale smell of tupperware... among other pleasures

 is it still thrifting when you "buy" it from mom's house?

measuring bowls

i remember opening and closing these repeatedly as a child. so fun.

serving tray

ceramic dish, bowl and cup (made by a family friend in the late 70s)

i need more space in my cupboards

the oodles of non thrift items that i'm crushing on lately:

this bay popcorn tin would look so cute as a garbage can or a magazine tin $9.99

♥ this rug from ikea $399

a novel i need to buy

wall art of my 
all the work of toronto-based alanna cavanagh, 
check her out here

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  1. I love the title of this post! "The stale smell of tupperware." I know this smell all too well! My mom used to sell tupperware before I was born and we STILL use some of it!

  2. I have that book on my shelf! I was like OMG that looks so familiar! LOL!!!

    You can have my copy Darling! I'll bring it in tomorrow.



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