February 12, 2011

why we still love our floor bed

1) stinky can crawl in and out when he wants to
2) stinky wakes us up EVERY morning with a smile as he crawls into our room, climbs up our bed and buries his head between us
3) mommy and daddy can sneak into stinky's bed to cuddle him while he sleeps... we haven't tried this together though... so i'm not sure if we can all fit

I HIGHLY recommend the floor bed to every parent in the world. 
It really changes your whole outlook on growth and development...for your child and for yourself.
it makes us smile every morning... even if it's before our alarm has sounded.


  1. We're planning to move Kale to a floor bed when we're done bedsharing. I love how you use the crib as a floor bed. We're definitely going to try this when we're ready!

  2. i LOVE this idea, the he only thing is i think i would be so worried about leaving them unattended. i know that the room would be baby-proofed, but I would be so filled with what-ifs...what if a piece of toy breaks off and is choking hazard? what if they somehow get over the door gate? my worry-wart self might not be able to sleep

  3. I Love that you introduced us to this idea, it just seems to make so much sense. We will definitely give this a try when Ainsley is ready for it.

  4. i have never heard of a floor bed. is it a crib that is on the floor? did you lower it yourself?

  5. where did you get your crib? my son is 2 years old and HATES his crib that we converted to a "day bed". I love the idea of the floor bed...


  6. yup! it's a just a regular crib that's lowered on the floor. we lowered it ourselves. the crib is a cara mia crib... we just took off one side and dropped the mattress. usually a floor bed is just a mattress on the floor.. but we decided to do it after we had already bought the crib... plus i like that it has the side rails so he doesn't roll off in his sleep.


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