February 14, 2011

a year later minus a week

i can't believe this time last year i was nesting like a crazed animal... counting down the days, hours, minutes, seconds until our little prince would join us.  now i sit here with him. staring at him. watching him grow before my eyes.
he keeps moving while i remain still... a witness to his life. a fan of his existence. a piece of his history, a speck of his future.
a year later  minus a week and i am nesting yet again. preparing to celebrate his most special day among the first 365 special days of his life.
his birthday.
our birthday: the day our little family was born. the day we created our little nest to hold, keep and protect the prince of our hearts.

i am so busy guys.  planning and preparing. organizing and re-organizing.  i love it.  i love being overwhelmingly busy for my little stinky boy.  it brings my memory back to the final week before Seba's birth. It's the same feeling.  butterflies and excitement.  Joy and happiness. craziness and stress. wonderfulness. 
And even better this time -- he is here with me. I can pause during the madness to get a twinkle of his eye, a flash of his smile.  a feeling of loveliness.

and here we are monday.

saturday =
homemade dinners alla vicky. YUM. YUM.
broccoli cheese soup w/ homemade croutons
pulled pork sliders and sweet potato fries

 Arts & Crafts for an almost birthday.
vicky freehanded the monsters while looking @ this blog

i played with a whole lotta tissue paper.

sunday = 

cute puffy cheeks dancing with chubby toes.

love & pizza 
grammies, arts & crafts. 

monday = 

arts crafts cont'd the final completion of the HUGE yellow ball

camera tricks and undie-wearing babies

now = 
me blogging. 

if you have a moment could you give us two clicks?
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  1. I can't wait to see pictures from Seba's birthday!

  2. can't wait to see what you are doing for his birthday. how exciting!

  3. Hi, I love looking at your blog, and I think you have an absolutely beautiful family! Seba is just heavenly! Can't wait to see birthday pics.. My sons is just 2 weeks away!
    our blog is mybabywishlist.tumblr.com
    (not the blog on my profile, )


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