March 30, 2011

i wish i was video taping

 as daddy and seba walked away from me tonight... i said "goodnight stinky" and seba waved bye... not facing me... just walking away waving his chubby little hand -- i wish i had a camera zoomed in on those dimply little knuckles as he waved his little fingers up and down, up and down.

these mini people are too. damn. cute. 
it's almost unfair that we can't smother them with hugs and kisses every single second of the day because:
one) we might actually smother them.
two) they would get annoyed (i often wonder if my over-kissing of the stinks will have adverse effects on his love for kissing. what if he suddenly no longer wants to give me kisses?! i'll cry).
three) we just can't -- although not for lack of trying.  at first stinky likes it, but after the 99th kiss he becomes fidgety and squirms away -- unless i hold him tight while smooching him to pieces. so fun. even if he starts crying. which he usually does.

he never naps in the same spot twice

what HE wore wednesday (cause what i wore, just ain't worth showing)...PS. stinky naps... again.

this time with his two favourite toys
his hockey stick and his computer keyboard
so what's the stinkster wearing?
"my first joe boxer" onesie: winners

March 29, 2011

boys in the kitchen

oh. lord. have. mercy.
the day before i had made crepes for dinner
i left some batter in the fridge for them to make lunch
they called me and asked if i'd be back to make it for them
i told them to: ..... hmm... what i told them is inappropriate to mention on a baby blog
either way, i told them
and this is their way of proving they "don't need women"
but they do. and always will.
otherwise they would have made the batter themselves... 
ah but no: flipping crepes is manly, whipping up batter is not.
too funny boys. way too funny.

March 28, 2011

365 minutes with stinky: minute twenty-six

among other things, 
he has discovered how to use the water stopper in the bidet to fulfill his splashing addiction
not good


low on words today.
so many thoughts, so few words.
maybe i'll blab tomorrow.
for today -- just some photos of last week's obsessions:

still on the hunt for a rug

bakewear = ♥

measuring cups. 
how many do i have to own before declaring myself an addict?


the boys went to super cross

the girls went...
and saw things like this
and this

stopped for a snack

couldn't resist taking a photo of this woman drinking a beer, smoking a cigarette and reading a paper on the OUTDOOR patio (it was -4C)

only passing by 
next time: we definitely enter

♥ this sandwich

this was my lunch on friday. 
i am completely addicted to the mutual street deli's corned beef on rye.
serious yumminess guys
a must eat

(image via citytv)

the deli is always packed (at least it was the two times i've been) and it closes at 4pm.
it's family owned
reasonably priced
and yummy
i can't wait to go back and try their new "greek fries": french fries with feta and olive oil... 
with my corned beef sandwich of course. 

ps. lesson of the day: commercial appliance technicians definitely need to be grouped with truck drivers, cops, contractors, construction workers... they all know the best places in the city to eat. 
they repair restaurant appliances for a living. 
uhh...why didn't i think of this before?

March 27, 2011


their morning
 vs. my morning
a view from the window of a job site

 my first few weeks of work have left me fascinated and captivated 
i love kitchens
especially packed with productive people
crafting, creating, cooking
lovely smelling yummy treats
stepping into a restaurant kitchen 
 jumping into into your senses
smells, sights, sounds, 
slicing of a knife, shaking of a salad, oil boiling, voices high and low, 
jazz on the radio
it's a sort of controlled madness
(the clock is awesome. especially in this marvelously mad atmosphere)

March 25, 2011


dreaming of
grass between chubby toes
a book, a blanket, a bbq
bike rides
iced cappuccinos
longer days
warm nights
garage sales
long drives w/ open windows
sand and sea
sunblock perfume
a little beach bum
i know spring has just begun, but i'm already dreaming of summer

lasanga with peas and pancetta

4 people
Preparation: 20'
Cooking Time: 30'
Difficulty: 1

250g of fresh lasagna pasta
80g of prosciutto cut thick (#11)
2 cans of peas
70g of butter
2 tablespoons of chopped onion
(i didn't have onions, so i replaced with 2 cloves of chopped garlic)
3 cans of panna (carnation thick cream)
3 chopped basil leaves
1 tablespoon olive oil
a crapload of parmigiano cheese
salt and pepper

over medium heat cook the onions until tender
add the cubed-cut prosciutto and fry 
add the peas and stir contiuosly for a couple minutes
drench with the panna 
cook, slowly stirring for 5 minutes
remove from heat and sprinkle the basil leaves

grease bakeware
put first layer of lasagna
add prosciutto mixture and sprinkle with parmigiano
continue layer by layer until complete
smother the top with as much parmigiano as humanely possible
bake @ 400F (approx. 180C) for 15min
(if you don't want the top too crunchy,cover with aluminium foil for the first 10min.


March 24, 2011

saltimbocca alla romana

i'm slacking in my recipe posts. i know.

saltimbocca alla romana
(jump into your mouth - roman style)
so simple.
i make this dish when i'm starving, but too tired to cook.
i make it when i need immediate gratification.
i make it a lot.

4 people
Preparation: 15’
Cooking Time: 12'
Difficulty: 1

4 thinly sliced veal scallopini
all purpose flour for coating veal
4 thin slices prosciutto
10 sage leaves
4 tablespoons buter
1/2 cup of dry white wine

take each veal cutlet and powder with flour
add a slice of prosciutto and one sage leaf - pinning in place with a toothpick
meanwhile heat butter on medium heat, drop in the remaining sage leaves and cook for 5 minutes
add each veal cutlet prosciutto-side down, dashing salt and pepper on top 
(doesn't require a lot of salt as prosciutto is already salted)
bathe in wine and cook for another 5-6 minutes
buon appetito

ps. you will want bread for dipping

stinky naps...

 in the most random places throughout the day. 
stefano suggested we do a "365 naps with stinky".


= yumminess (part three): the sweetie pie


= yumminess (part deux)

black & white farfalle
i'd love to try pasta conze with these


= yumminess

i need to start baking

March 23, 2011

what HE wore wednesday (cause what i wore, just ain't worth showing)...PS. "the situation" has competition

evidence that your son may become a guido:

1) he strips 
2) he hangs his shirt on his firetruck.. to go...
3) talk on the phone

* we will definitely need to relocate to a country that has outlawed 
tanning salons, bling, and gel.

forgot to vote?
click here!

March 21, 2011

starting now

no more lazy, limp, lie-in weekends. 
productive, powerful, positive... poetically -- potently alive weekends are ahead of us.  starting now.

we parked at eaton centre and took a walk to kensington 
our 2 for $5 matching hats on Spadina...they didn't have stinky's size. boo.
(it was clearly colder than we anticipated)

another wonderful reason to own a stokke: 
pull it up to any table, any height = instant highchair...
also = stinky's foot on the table.

♥ these stainless steal measuring spoons. ♥ salt and pepper cuties. 
♥ muppet puppets by melissa & doug.

stokke foot muff -- keeping our prince warm

sorry... long post getting longer.... but i did have some obsessions last week:

!yay! for our new grizzly bed quilt, the perfect temperature every night. 
amore pillow gifted from vicky for my birthday

caesar salads
(i've had a weird, sick obsession with these lately)

 trunki fun face stickers!

walking pajamas
(it's funny how pajamas that were already adorable become one million times cuter when upright)

the end

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