March 15, 2011

365 minutes with stinky: minute 18

* he laughs when we copy him
* he blows kisses
* he gives kisses when asked (most of the time)
* sometimes he bites us when not asked
* he eats any and everything
* he takes two short naps anywhere, anytime during the day -- and sleeps through the night
* after a long day, he smiles when we put him in his bed
* he can climb anything, anywhere, anytime
* he throws the ball to us
* he loves his hockey stick
* he's walking unassisted!
* he's a cuddle bunny
* he loves to pick up anything and pretend it's a phone, saying "heeeey"
* he knows how to turn on and off an ipod (something daddy and grandpa are very proud of?!?)

i'm sure i forgot some... which daddy will remind me of after he reads this post

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