March 14, 2011


we had a lovely weekend.  after my friday night post, we bundled up, jumped into the car and headed out to a local pub for a late dinner.

saturday we to seba's cousins' birthday party where seba received countless kisses and played his first game of pin the tail on the donkey! 

sunday... sunday... a little grocery shopping, a little cooking and a lot of relaxation (i.e. baths and lush balls)
sformato di formaggi = puff pastry, filled with 3-5 different cheeses (we put goat cheese, parmigiano, gouda, swiss) and one anchovy

this leads us to monday --> and last week's obsessions:

i hate crumbs... especially on my kitchen floor

colour coordinated cutting boards. 
red = raw meat
green = veggies
white = cooked food ready to eat
gets 2 big Fs = Functional and Fabulous!

if you have to step out in the rain, why not make it fun?
rain sucks, but rain boots don't have to
i love my rain boots

hope everyone had a lovely weekend! 

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