March 9, 2011

his big step

he can't dance. he can't talk. the only thing about him is the way that he walks.

a little like forrest gump, a little like the drawing in the evolution of man.
back bent, then straight. knees straight, then high.
boom, boom, boom -- drop. boom, boom, boom -- drop.

i thought if i wasn't there when he took his first steps, i'd cry -- but i didn't. i thought i'd be jumping up and down and screaming, but i wasn't.
instead -- i just watched, fascinated and in love as he wobbled from me to daddy and back again.  i just smiled proudly, unblinkingly content as my little stinky stumbled across the room.  wobbled from foot to foot, bum up and out, arms out-stretched, toes -- for the first time -- uncurled and flat.
ready --  for his big step.

his first real steps -- > monday march 7, 2011.
we were all a little drunk that day.
stinky, walking in drunken stupor. us, watching in drunken love.

now he transitions between crawling, walking and walk-crawling (hands and feet on the floor, butt in the air).  oh god, he's going to injure himself -- i just know it.

cheers to drunken walking happiness all around the world.

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  1. watch out world cause here he comes!!!!!

  2. Awwwww. Yay Stinky!!! Love this picture - makes me feel drunk too.

  3. Congratulations Stinky!!

    BTW Lisa what cloth diapers are you using now? I started on the bummis prefold and the bummis easy fit AIO (for outings).. I'm not 100% sure how I feel about the prefolds, did you use them and how did you find them? I just find they give her a massive looking bum, I'm not sure if it's because I bought the large and she still needs to grow into them, but I guess it just takes getting used to.

  4. thanks carolyn =)

    we actually use a lot of prefolds... but seba grew out of the the thirsties covers... so we use the prefolds with our gro baby covers. they do give bubble butt though. for less bubble... we use grasshopper diapers which are amazingly trim: they have a bamboo insert that resembles a prefold but thinner. we also use gro babies with inserts instead of prefolds. i think we have 3 grasshoppers and 3 gro babies which are more than enough for the times you want a cute baby bum instead of a bumzilla!
    ps. stefano is still prefold all the way. lol


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