March 30, 2011

i wish i was video taping

 as daddy and seba walked away from me tonight... i said "goodnight stinky" and seba waved bye... not facing me... just walking away waving his chubby little hand -- i wish i had a camera zoomed in on those dimply little knuckles as he waved his little fingers up and down, up and down.

these mini people are too. damn. cute. 
it's almost unfair that we can't smother them with hugs and kisses every single second of the day because:
one) we might actually smother them.
two) they would get annoyed (i often wonder if my over-kissing of the stinks will have adverse effects on his love for kissing. what if he suddenly no longer wants to give me kisses?! i'll cry).
three) we just can't -- although not for lack of trying.  at first stinky likes it, but after the 99th kiss he becomes fidgety and squirms away -- unless i hold him tight while smooching him to pieces. so fun. even if he starts crying. which he usually does.

he never naps in the same spot twice

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