March 16, 2011

i'm not a morning person

yesterday morning stefano smirked as he saw me getting ready to leave.
me: "i know, i know, you don't like these pants"
stefano: "ehhh"
me: "it's okay i forgive you"
stefano: "forgive me for what?"
me: "i forgive you for not liking my new pants"
stefano: "you need to forgive yourself for wearing them!!"
i'm not a morning person. usually something like this would annoy me and ruin my day. but instead, i looked in the mirror at my mid-waist pants with suspenders and giggled... maybe i should forgive myself...for loving them!  
i later told vicky about my wonderful morning and we laughed all over again. who knew what used to annoy me could now entertain me for almost a full day. 

he loves me even though i left the house looking like a nazi soldier.
i love him even though he made fun of my beloved new trousers.
now that's definitely amore.

to make the outfit even better, i had to wear a hairnet today while visiting a customer. 

ps. stefano wants it in writing that i was also wearing black riding boots. 

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  1. I'm on your side. I love these pants! You even make that hair net look good!!

  2. Stefano is hilarious!! i think you look great and i love the trousers.
    i even like the hairnet


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