March 2, 2011

a little bit of weekend poured over till tuesday

no one's perfect. this is my weekend post.

we went to the national home show. walked around and around and around. had some sandwiches. bought a $75 re-salvaged wood coffee table. it was wonderful.

we were forever wondering what to do with this empty space and lonely window.
we had an umbra floating bookshelf lying around. we used it.

my abandoned fireplace is now warm and fuzzy... i had completely forgotten about these old windows saved from a roadside. 
boom. for real.

since this was an extra long weekend that overflowed into tuesday, my obsessions are a little excessive... naturally.

kitchen. anything kitchen.

towel hooks. ikea. now in orange? seba's bathroom? awesome.

towel hook. mine. winners. 
stefano broke his (which seemed stronger than mine, but apparently was not... it broke when they both fell off the counter) clearly my $2.99 one is much stronger than his $7.99 one. heh.
lesson? when it doubt, go cheap.

cleaning my desk. hallelujah. sitting here now.. a few days later... i must admit it looks nothing like the photo. wah.

wool diaper cover.
oh. dear. lord. a life saviour and a half. 
we use them with cloth. we use them with disposables.
we use them all the time. especially at night. 
i've had these since stinky's birth, but we haven't fully appreciated them until now. 
the boy pees like a racehorse.

weirdo monsters for 75% off                                          

 meals on wheels alla grandma.
a dinner shared between
little spoon and big fork.

shrek toes.
(no need to adjust your screen. shown in actual size)
the boy is clearly going to inherit my imbalance problems.
stefano does not laugh at this. ever.
but really.. look at his toes. 
ok: stefano just laughed.

mirrors. i need one.
floor length please.

this chair. no where to put it. nowhere to use it.
will never buy it.
but it's comfy.

my last and most long-lasting obsession is my picture wall project.  
it's a post all on it's own with a million photos to accompany it.

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1 comment:

  1. lots of goodies!! looks like great fun. i need a floor length mirror also. i can only see myself down to my waist. it's no wonder my ass is getting bigger...


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