March 6, 2011

saturday night


i know my eyes are freakishly open, but it felt weirder to close them and "fake sleep"... seba however, is not fake sleeping.. he is sleeping sleeping. 
he was out in under a minute last night. i started my "where is mommy's nose..eyes.. mouth.." routine and his eyes were closed before i finished saying "nose". 
it could be because he was out all day. it could be because he blabbed non-stop until midnight. it could be because we had guests over and he over-showed himself off. 
... but let's just choose to believe it's because he's perfect. 
reality is: i love my little imperfect perfection.. whether he cries to sleep or slips softly into dreamland -- we are together. in love. always.

note to self: remember this when you wake-up for work every morning with bags of love under your eyes. definitely need to purchase concealer.


  1. Such a sweet picture. Good luck this week!

  2. I always take pictures of myself laying next to Eli when he's sleeping! But I feel like I look totally awkward. hahaha.

    this is too sweet though!


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