March 21, 2011

starting now

no more lazy, limp, lie-in weekends. 
productive, powerful, positive... poetically -- potently alive weekends are ahead of us.  starting now.

we parked at eaton centre and took a walk to kensington 
our 2 for $5 matching hats on Spadina...they didn't have stinky's size. boo.
(it was clearly colder than we anticipated)

another wonderful reason to own a stokke: 
pull it up to any table, any height = instant highchair...
also = stinky's foot on the table.

♥ these stainless steal measuring spoons. ♥ salt and pepper cuties. 
♥ muppet puppets by melissa & doug.

stokke foot muff -- keeping our prince warm

sorry... long post getting longer.... but i did have some obsessions last week:

!yay! for our new grizzly bed quilt, the perfect temperature every night. 
amore pillow gifted from vicky for my birthday

caesar salads
(i've had a weird, sick obsession with these lately)

 trunki fun face stickers!

walking pajamas
(it's funny how pajamas that were already adorable become one million times cuter when upright)

the end


  1. It's the warmer weather, right? It just makes you want to get outside and DO something!
    Kris and I also had to buy hats while we were out on Saturday!!

  2. wow, can't believe how cold it is there still!!!!

  3. Hmm OK so I just realised my congratulations were a little late! Enjoying your blog :)I especially like your pictures! How do you do them?? I guess I'll just have to add you to my reading list!!

  4. @ randalin: definitely the warmer weather! i can't believe it's now snowing again!!!
    @ claudia: neither can i =(
    @ elora: thanks for stopping by =) -- most of my photos are done with the hipstamatic app on iphone! it's wonderful.


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