April 25, 2011

moments fulfilled

one, two, three moments fly by... beautiful moments... inhaled breathlessly... mentally tagged and re-visited. 
one, two, three moments fly by... until it's monday. i blink. squeezed tight eyes.  whatever i did. whenever i did it -->unremembered.   whom i did it with -- unforgotten.

one, two, three moments fly by... pause at the fourth to remember one, two and three. photos blurishly re-traced in my memory. actualized and fulfilled.
we had a lovely easter weekend. uncharacteristically unconventional. untraditionally traditional.  no big meals. no left overs.  no nonsense love.
a friday in an almost empty cinema left tears in my eyes and an elephant in my heart.
a bar - a beer - my loves - and a sun made for a lovely saturday afternoon. 
a sunday home-cleansing made for a beautiful finale to a lovely long weekend.  nothing better than going to sleep in a freshly cleaned house... except waking up to it on monday morning. and if i didn't have to wake up it may have even been better.

weekend's over -- and a good week to you. 

ps. the amount of photos i have in my "thrift thursdays" folder on my computer is unbelievable.  bare with me as i am still learning how to juggle his time, their time, our time and me time.. without dropping the ball.

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365 minutes with stinky: minute forty-one & forty two

these are by far my favourite videos of the stinkster so far
he devilishly laughs as we play this game againandagainandagain
i could watch these videos a trillion times over
and then once more

April 19, 2011

365 minutes with stinky: minute thirty-six & thirty-seven

stinky eats: "nummy num num"
seriously, i don't which is cutest: his twinkling little fingers, his chubby little cheeks, or his husky little voice saying "mmm nummeh numm numm"
i love this kid
a lot

April 18, 2011

in ♥ with

 this jumper

my little stinky -- 
you make my dayweekmonthyear --

i love you
and in this jumper, i just wanted to eat you up!
sorry if i oversnugged, squished and hugged you today
it won't happen again...
until tomorrow.

April 16, 2011

365 minutes with stinky: minute thirty-five

con't from minute thirty-four (last of this four part series)
take note of second 0:24 as he realizes the sock opens and his eyebrow raise like "wowwww"
ps. stinky's new favourite thing to do: shut doors.. often locking himself inside a room alone

365 minutes with stinky: minute thirty-four

cont'd from minute thirty-three 
he was doing well till he tripped over his own foot and fell into the doorway

365 minutes with stinky: minute thirty-three

cont'd from minute thirty-two
i love how he un-velcros one sandal but then tries to take off the other
then forgets about both when he sees the hockey stick
attention problems? maybe.

365 minutes with stinky: minute thirty-two

sorry, but i think the next hundred videos are going to include a hockey stick

April 14, 2011

what HE wore wednesday (cause what i wore, just ain't worth showing)...PS. it's thursday

have i already mentioned how thankful i am that stefano's mom kept all his baby clothes?
i'm pretty sure i should join a self help group
baby clothes hoarders anonymous: does it exist?
by the time stinky is 4 i should have at least a billion little outfits stashed in the basement
i'll never, ever throw them away
and moments like these -- seeing seba in daddy's cute little outfits
makes me feel a little more normal in my obsessive hoarding
because one day
my stinkster will pass all of these down to his own stinky prince.

oh. my. lord.
what an accelerated life we live

note to self: absorb every single millisecond of your existence.
a second lost, is a second wasted. 

April 12, 2011


we had brunch with uncle phil and aunty vicky
went for a walk along lake ontario
came home and bbq'ed
i ♥ boys in aprons
not only because they're cute, but also mainly because it signifies {them} cooking.


seba had his first "kids meal"

then we took a little stroll in leslieville

where we spotted many of our obsessions
i'm in love this busy picture framed stairwell.  
there are only two things that i love clustered and overcrowded: 
bookshelves and photo framed walls. 
the bunchier, the better.

April 11, 2011

business in the front

party in the back

seba will most definitely have bad hair.  
he's got this straight in the front, curly in the back style going on.
poor thing. 
sure it's cute now. 
but let's fast-forward and imagine.
uh uh.
it won't be pretty.

April 8, 2011

365 minutes with stinky: minute thirty-one

he shoots, he scores

i like

seeing the sunrise on my way to work
there has been a beautiful sunrise every single morning this week.  
what better way to emphasize it than with a photo of it in my side-view mirror.

trafic-less days
as i sing my way to work.... glancing to my sides every once in a while to make sure no one is watching the bursting veins in my neck as i sing at the top of my lungs. 
ps. i can't sing for shit.

a beer 
 while cooking dinner

that bbq season is here
mmm. we fired up the bbq yesterday for some steak, peppers and a yummy twice-baked potato

April 3, 2011

it's sunday april 3

currently 0 degrees and there's light snow falling outside my window
april 3 and snowing
stefano's mom reported that it was 25C in reggio emilia, italy today.
why did we decide to live in canada again?

i shouldn't complain, even if it is SNOWING as i type this, we did had a lovely sunshiny-ish weekend

we celebrated imma's birthday

we watched daddy play in a volleyball tournament

it took stinky awhile to figure out that it was actually daddy playing --
but once he did, he was absolutely captivated by the ball flying back and forth. 
i was equally capitaved by the stinkster's stillness
seriously, the only time i ever see him this still is while he's sleeping

when the game was over, stinky gave daddy's the proudest hug of all time

while mommy snapped photos -- proud of both her boys
no photos
spent most of the day indoors
the highlight?
bought some double sided velcro to hang cute curtain around the bottom of our laundry sink
bought bin to store some more of stinky's outgrown clothing 
bought microwave 
yes, from walmart
sold old one and have been minus micro for one whole week
this = warming milk pioneer style on the stove top which = not so fun
i did have some obsessions last week -- will post about them tomorrow
gotta get to sleep
work in the morning
kill me
just kidding
i'm blabbing

365 minutes with stinky: minute 27,28,29

i just can't win.
when he was 6 months he hated the vacuum. he cried every time i turned it on.

now he's 13 months and he loves the vacuum. he cries every time i turn it off. 
we couldn't figure out why he would cry every time we opened and closed the laundry room door. 
then we realized: the vacuum is in there. 
the boy is obsessed.  

how can i nurture this obsession? keep it going till he's at least 18 years old? hmmm.

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