April 3, 2011

it's sunday april 3

currently 0 degrees and there's light snow falling outside my window
april 3 and snowing
stefano's mom reported that it was 25C in reggio emilia, italy today.
why did we decide to live in canada again?

i shouldn't complain, even if it is SNOWING as i type this, we did had a lovely sunshiny-ish weekend

we celebrated imma's birthday

we watched daddy play in a volleyball tournament

it took stinky awhile to figure out that it was actually daddy playing --
but once he did, he was absolutely captivated by the ball flying back and forth. 
i was equally capitaved by the stinkster's stillness
seriously, the only time i ever see him this still is while he's sleeping

when the game was over, stinky gave daddy's the proudest hug of all time

while mommy snapped photos -- proud of both her boys
no photos
spent most of the day indoors
the highlight?
bought some double sided velcro to hang cute curtain around the bottom of our laundry sink
bought bin to store some more of stinky's outgrown clothing 
bought microwave 
yes, from walmart
sold old one and have been minus micro for one whole week
this = warming milk pioneer style on the stove top which = not so fun
i did have some obsessions last week -- will post about them tomorrow
gotta get to sleep
work in the morning
kill me
just kidding
i'm blabbing

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