April 25, 2011

moments fulfilled

one, two, three moments fly by... beautiful moments... inhaled breathlessly... mentally tagged and re-visited. 
one, two, three moments fly by... until it's monday. i blink. squeezed tight eyes.  whatever i did. whenever i did it -->unremembered.   whom i did it with -- unforgotten.

one, two, three moments fly by... pause at the fourth to remember one, two and three. photos blurishly re-traced in my memory. actualized and fulfilled.
we had a lovely easter weekend. uncharacteristically unconventional. untraditionally traditional.  no big meals. no left overs.  no nonsense love.
a friday in an almost empty cinema left tears in my eyes and an elephant in my heart.
a bar - a beer - my loves - and a sun made for a lovely saturday afternoon. 
a sunday home-cleansing made for a beautiful finale to a lovely long weekend.  nothing better than going to sleep in a freshly cleaned house... except waking up to it on monday morning. and if i didn't have to wake up it may have even been better.

weekend's over -- and a good week to you. 

ps. the amount of photos i have in my "thrift thursdays" folder on my computer is unbelievable.  bare with me as i am still learning how to juggle his time, their time, our time and me time.. without dropping the ball.

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