May 29, 2011

it was daddy's birthday last weekend

may 22
{the cake}

we love you daddy.
un pochino piu di tanto.


when this:



i stink at it
i actually look like i have some sort of coordination disability
{which may be true}
but my instructor told me to hang in there and not give up
and every time i hit dirt, i try to remember his motivational words.
 although, he may have changed his mind after he witnessed last week's rainboot extravaganza
i kinda assumed it was not good golf etiquette to show up at the course in rainboots and a trench... 
but heck it was raining.  i was grumpy.
i honestly felt sorry for all those poor souls wearing cleats and shorts?!
weren't they cold?
with wet feet? 
what are they crazy?
apparently i am.

ps. cheers to the geezer that put me on the spot shouting
"whoa, never seen rainboots on the course before... great idea."
 sarcasm, one of life's great gifts

i may look like a fool, but it's not because of my cute jacket and rainboots..
it's simply because i can't seem to hit a completely still ball.

childhood is a journey...

not a race.
a no speed zone
move at your own pace my prince.
no rush, no race.
move at your own pace.

life is a journey not a race
a no speed zone
move at your own pace mommy
no rush, no race.
enjoy your place. your time. your space.

i'm trying.

sprinting, speeding, scurrying, screeching on the brakes. 
the impossibility of stopping suffocates me.
sliding, shifting, shuffling things around... hoping to gain time.  more time.

life is not a race, it's journey.
i want to wander all over it. breathe it in. soak it up. 
i want to ride it hands-free and seatbelt-less.

i want to try.

May 24, 2011

focaccia with rosemary & pancetta

i finally took the plunge and decided to attempt at making focaccia.
stefano loves it. i love him. it's only fair that we marry these loves together.
what the focaccia god has joined together, let no man put asunder.

15g of beer yeast (i used regular active yeast)
1 teaspoon sugar
180ml water
350g (about 2 cups) flour (type 00)
6 tablespoons olive oil
1 tablespoon of fine salt
rosemary (finely chopped) 
pancetta (finely chopped)
big salt (if desired)

activate the yeast by pouring the package into a small bowl and adding about 75ml (of the total 180ml) of water and the teaspoon of sugar. mix it and let it stand about 10min.
meanwhile in a large bowl combine the flour, olive oil and the tablespoon of salt
when the yeast is ready, join it with the flour, stirring and slowly adding the remaining water
once it amalgamates, remove from the bowl and place on a fairly large, flour-dusted work surface
knead for about 5 min
once you have it in a nice shiny ball place it in a oil rubbed bowl, cover with a damp towel and let it rise
after about 30min, flour should have risen and you are ready to form the focaccia
knead flour for a bit and then start flattening and stretching it out
(i didn't use a rolling pin, but you can)
you don't want it too flat as it supposed to be thick and doughy.
once you have it all shaped up, use your fingers to make little dimples throughout
sprinkle it with chopped pancetta, rosemary and salt
drizzle with olive oil
bake at 400F for about 20min
i like to put it on broil for 3 min at the end just to get the top a little more golden.

crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside.
it took me three times before i finally got it.
friday: good
saturday: better
sunday:  boom.   love.

crunchity,  munchity,  goodness
try it

garage sales

are something of an obsession around these parts.
we just can't get enough of them. 
we buy big things, little things, ridiculously insane things.
we buy everything.
we're dirty cheap and proud. 

signs of an addiction:
You’re neglecting your responsibilities 
last weekend i was supposed to do some ironing, dye my hair, organize my desk. 
supposed to.
You’ve built up a tolerance 
do i need to go to more garage sales per day in order to get the same high I used to get from going to just one? 
uhhm... ya.
You do more to avoid or relieve withdrawal symptoms 
see above. i feel physically ill if i pass a garage sale sign and don't stop to check it out.
You’ve lost control over your addiction 
Your life revolves around your addiction
i'm embarrassed.
You’ve abandoned activities you used to enjoy 
i used to enjoy sleeping in on the weekends .. does that count as an activity?
You've become fearful, paranoid or anxious 
you should see me at a sale... i'm like a paranoid freak, grabbing and inspecting everything i see.

oh ya. i'm soooo far gone.

but man oh man was this lamp a score!


May 23, 2011

pollo arrosto (roasted chicken)

this is by far one of our favourite chicken dishes of all time.  it was actually the first main dish we made from the book --  but since then, every time we've made it, i kept forgetting to snap a photo of it to go along with the recipe
finalmente... i remembered. 
so here it is... take it and eat it.

4 people
Preparation: 15'
Cooking Time: 1h
Difficulty: 1

about 6 sage leaves
2 full branches of rosemary
2 cloves of garlic
12 chicken legs (or you can do a whole chicken if you like -- we prefer legs)
1 lemon (we don't use this on the legs, but i guess with the whole chicken it works well)
the recipe says 5 tablespoons of olive oil -- but like i've said before, the rule in our kitchen is:
more is more.

preheat oven to 400F
finely chop the sage, rosemary and garlic
mix them together with salt and pepper
sprinkle the concoction all over the chicken (i like to rub it in good)
drown in olive oil -- the more oil, the more sauce for bread dipping!
 pop the pan in the oven and let it roast
take it out after about an hour
seriously, you can't go wrong.
you just can't.

May 17, 2011

so, the other day

i was thinking that my hair could actually be confused with a bird's nest
it seems i was right
{photo by C&J's Parrot Rescue}
this photo was not staged... 
the bird actually flew and landed on my head.
i don't know why, but i was shocked

in other news
this was my morning greeting today
NOT a coincidence.

is this what my life has become?
will i have to run to my car every morning in fear that a goose mistakes my hair for a nest?
imagine the headlines? 
"canadian girl trampled to death by mother goose"

May 15, 2011

{i found}

the cutest little red shorts at value village for the stinkster
they fit lovely under is piggy-perfect penut belly
and look superlicious with his NY t-shirt
i think he likes them too
all he's missing are a pair of roller skates...
or at least some retrocool sneakers
or maybe just a daddy wearing the same shirt?
and in case you were wondering about all that hot stuff under the tshirt
i know: wowwwww, right?

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May 14, 2011

365 minutes with stinky: minute forty-seven

one of the many reasons we love garage sales
great find grandma!

365 minutes with stinky: minute forty-six

doing what he does best

{sometimes} i wish i were a hairless chihuahua

**** re-post: this was deleted during blogger's "technical difficulties" stage yesterday ****

but sadly i'm not
washing, drying, combing, styling my hair. just too much effort. so i've decided to let someone else do the work.  no, i haven't hired a live-in hair-stylist (wow, imagine?) -- but i've decided to make the best out of a pretty hairy situation, wash my hair way more often than I have been, and swipe some hair tutorials over the internet -- mainly via one of my favouritest blogs: "A Cup of Jo".
Trial #1: the "Braided Crown"

i should let you know that i tried this on whim
i.e. my hair was unwashed and knotty
i wouldn't exactly say this is an excuse for the the little horror on the prairie look that resulted 
(ps. the above photo is weird. it was a bad attempt at getting a frontish-side view)

however i do think it's a valid explanation for the chunk of hair that is totally doing it's own thing at the back of my head (which of course I didn't notice until I uploaded this photo)

ps. i walked past stefano after i finished my style (not mentioning that it was a trial) and his exact words were: "what the hell happened to your hair?"

pps. would i rather be a hairless chihuahua?
yep, I think so.

May 11, 2011

what HE wore wednesday (cause what i wore, just ain't worth showing)...PS. rainboots make us happy, especially when it's not raining

So what's my stinky wearing?
Onesie: H &M
Rainboots: Thrifted!

ps. stinky seems to be feeling a  lot better =)  
he has his check-up tomorrow, so hopefully he fought off the infection on his own and won't need antibiotics! 

May 10, 2011


and tired.
that's stinky.
he has a combination of croup cough and an ear/throat infection =(
i think it was a little gift from one of the kiddos in his music class.
thanks kiddo... 
for keeping us up all night {crying, coughing, wheezing, sneezing}
we are sorry to say that we will not be passing your gift on to anyone else
our stinks won't be attending any classes until he's all better.

May 9, 2011

365 minutes with stinky: minute forty-three, forty-four, forty-five

unexpectedly expected.
sitting, crawling, standing, walking, blabbing, blabbing, blabbing.
seba's only real words so far are "nummy nummy" when he's hungry, and his continuing favourite "baby" -- he points at himself, tapping his chest and says: "baaaaby", he points and other children - older, younger -- and says: "baaaaaby".
if you were an ear on our wall -- all day long you'd hear "baaaaaby"  -- "no sebi, that's a computer", "baaaaaby" -- "no sebi, that's a book", "baaaaaby" -- "no sebi, that's daddy" -- and so on... you get the point... pretty much every single thing he sees is a baby.
but of course, when mommy turns the camera on to catch this "babiness" on film -- the child seizes to say baby. never fails.  
anyhow... here are my pathetic attempts at capturing my baby say baby.

mother's day

this is not the scene i awoke to, stefano took this photo while i was upstairs.
the reality was much more colorful:
when i came downstairs,
stinky had suspicious looking lips and was chewing something green and powdery.
i had to wash his mouth, scraping each and every little piece of chalk out of it.

the boys enrolled me sewing classes -- yaysers!
ok.. it wasn't a surprise... and i started class last week.... but it's lovely nevertheless =)

ps. apparently "they say" chalk is good for your bones --- stefano.
pps. thanks, i feel so much better now --- lisa

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