May 24, 2011

garage sales

are something of an obsession around these parts.
we just can't get enough of them. 
we buy big things, little things, ridiculously insane things.
we buy everything.
we're dirty cheap and proud. 

signs of an addiction:
You’re neglecting your responsibilities 
last weekend i was supposed to do some ironing, dye my hair, organize my desk. 
supposed to.
You’ve built up a tolerance 
do i need to go to more garage sales per day in order to get the same high I used to get from going to just one? 
uhhm... ya.
You do more to avoid or relieve withdrawal symptoms 
see above. i feel physically ill if i pass a garage sale sign and don't stop to check it out.
You’ve lost control over your addiction 
Your life revolves around your addiction
i'm embarrassed.
You’ve abandoned activities you used to enjoy 
i used to enjoy sleeping in on the weekends .. does that count as an activity?
You've become fearful, paranoid or anxious 
you should see me at a sale... i'm like a paranoid freak, grabbing and inspecting everything i see.

oh ya. i'm soooo far gone.

but man oh man was this lamp a score!


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