May 29, 2011


i stink at it
i actually look like i have some sort of coordination disability
{which may be true}
but my instructor told me to hang in there and not give up
and every time i hit dirt, i try to remember his motivational words.
 although, he may have changed his mind after he witnessed last week's rainboot extravaganza
i kinda assumed it was not good golf etiquette to show up at the course in rainboots and a trench... 
but heck it was raining.  i was grumpy.
i honestly felt sorry for all those poor souls wearing cleats and shorts?!
weren't they cold?
with wet feet? 
what are they crazy?
apparently i am.

ps. cheers to the geezer that put me on the spot shouting
"whoa, never seen rainboots on the course before... great idea."
 sarcasm, one of life's great gifts

i may look like a fool, but it's not because of my cute jacket and rainboots..
it's simply because i can't seem to hit a completely still ball.


  1. Why the heck wouldn't you wear rainboots? (I mean, other than the fact that they are adorable & Useful???)


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