May 17, 2011

so, the other day

i was thinking that my hair could actually be confused with a bird's nest
it seems i was right
{photo by C&J's Parrot Rescue}
this photo was not staged... 
the bird actually flew and landed on my head.
i don't know why, but i was shocked

in other news
this was my morning greeting today
NOT a coincidence.

is this what my life has become?
will i have to run to my car every morning in fear that a goose mistakes my hair for a nest?
imagine the headlines? 
"canadian girl trampled to death by mother goose"

1 comment:

  1. Sorry but HAHAHAHAA! That is so funny! Once I was driving and had to stop because there was a family of Canada Geese crossing the road. I took a picture for my hubby - Canadian Traffic. Yours could be Canadian Assassin...


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