May 14, 2011

{sometimes} i wish i were a hairless chihuahua

**** re-post: this was deleted during blogger's "technical difficulties" stage yesterday ****

but sadly i'm not
washing, drying, combing, styling my hair. just too much effort. so i've decided to let someone else do the work.  no, i haven't hired a live-in hair-stylist (wow, imagine?) -- but i've decided to make the best out of a pretty hairy situation, wash my hair way more often than I have been, and swipe some hair tutorials over the internet -- mainly via one of my favouritest blogs: "A Cup of Jo".
Trial #1: the "Braided Crown"

i should let you know that i tried this on whim
i.e. my hair was unwashed and knotty
i wouldn't exactly say this is an excuse for the the little horror on the prairie look that resulted 
(ps. the above photo is weird. it was a bad attempt at getting a frontish-side view)

however i do think it's a valid explanation for the chunk of hair that is totally doing it's own thing at the back of my head (which of course I didn't notice until I uploaded this photo)

ps. i walked past stefano after i finished my style (not mentioning that it was a trial) and his exact words were: "what the hell happened to your hair?"

pps. would i rather be a hairless chihuahua?
yep, I think so.

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