June 27, 2011

a moment of

seriously guys.. my focaccia has evolved into something superhumanely amazing.
i made it with pizza flour and it morphed into greatness
crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside
just delicious
it was the perfect side to the spinach-kidneybean-meatball soup!
yumminess exemplified

oh my i'm in love

with this doorway
this is your life 
doesn't this line dig deep into your soul and demand that you make changes?
is it too late to choose a new year's resolution?
momo, this one's for you.. i knew you'd love it =)
ste.. can we?!
via here

June 26, 2011

is the weekend over already?

until the next one then my love
ps. thanks daddy, for snapping this horrible but real photo of stinky and i sleeping with our mouths open.
ok fine.. with my open.

the stinks is bring my memory waaaay back

seba has this new thing he enjoys.. when he's tired he likes me to violently shake him on my knee and make car noises as he falls asleep.
today i couldn't help but think of how much it reminds me of this:

oh sebi... mommy loves you and all your peculiarness

when your child loses it in public... don't feel bad if you suddenly find yourself wanting to smother your little angel... apparently it's normal. and definitely.. don't be embarrassed and try to hide it... cause we all know what it's like... and if we don't, we will.

a sunday evening bike ride. just sebi and mommy.
we love Sebi's bike.
90% of the time -  stinks stayed on the bike.. happy go lucky .. glancing around as we passed neighbouring houses.
10% of the time - he made me carry him -- it was a LONG 10 percent.
the other 10% of the time -  he walked (thank god) and held my hand the whole way (shocking) as we stumbled back home.

i know the exact moment where bike-riding fun will turn into "i want to get off the bike and have you carry me .. if not, and you try to get me to walk i will refuse to hold your hand, scream and attempt to run away"
-- right as i approach the corner house.. i always think "oh so near, but yet so far" then i pray ... i actually pray.. that he forgets and rides all the way home... but NO.  never fails... we get to the corner house and his feet drop down and start dragging... he's off the bike and looking at me. OH HELL... i pick the boy up -- one handed -- pushing the stupid ass bike home. this is by no means a real reflection of my true feelings towards the bike.. (i feel bad calling it stupid.. it's not the bike's fault) ... i just can't help but want to throw it against a brick wall every time we reach that damn stupid corner house.

anyhow.. to make things even more interesting today.. as we walked past... there was a cute little family standing outside. cute until one of the little girls started screaming at the top of her lungs because the mom took her out of the bike seat to give her sister a ride... she was screaming like a madchild on drugs... seriously.. i felt bad for her mom as she removed the girl's hat .. and played with it in front of her face in what seemed to be attempt to actually cover her mouth with it, shutting her up, but trying not letting me notice... i felt guilty noticing... so i pretended not to see.
all i could think the whole time was: that will not be me.. that will not be me... that will not be me.... which slowly succumbed to the sad but true realization that yes, that will be me.. one day.. that. will. be. me.
i guess we all go through it.  have these moments of chaos.  i'm currently in the quiet chaos moment. the i'm in denial that it will ever happen to me chaos moment. the "this is an isolated moment" moment.
oh the joy of parenthood. it never ends... so i promise myself to embrace every episode of it.
in fact my life right now seems to be a sitcom where i am a narrator, character, and viewer all at once.

ps. i know my bike incident is nothing compared to some other stories i've heard... but worry not.. i'm sure we'' get there one day... it's all part of growing up... and we have a lot of growing to do.

June 23, 2011

{i hope}

he will enjoy cooking
then at least we'll have two things in common
...even if they both involve food.

ps. isn't this mixer the bestest mixer you've ever seen in your entire life?

June 22, 2011

farfalle and pork meatballs in a creamy spinach sauce

i was hungry today
and when i'm hungry i'm unstoppable
every possible thing i've ever eaten suddenly pops into my head 
demanding to be cooked immediately
and so i had to make a decision:

i chose wisely


so how do you get all this yumminess together?

first chop some garlic

throw it in a pan with olive oil on medium heat
and add mushrooms and spinach

meanwhile chop some more garlic
but this time add chopped onions as well

add the onions and garlic to grounded pork
i also threw in some almost wasted feta and parmigiano that i had in the fridge
(special shout to jolene for the feta idea)

form little meatballs with the pork
and fry on medium heat

checking in on the other saucepan
add panna once the spinach appears wilted 

meatballs should be cooked now
dump them into the spinach sauce and BAM -  you're done

...well almost
just boil your pasta and add to the sauce
unless you want the sauce without the pasta
which is entirely up to you

this post was sponsored by
 i love spontaneous dinners & traffic free fridays

Tomato Basil Spaghetti

light & yummy
an "easy peasy
recipe via shutterbean
{but of course we had to add sausage}

June 21, 2011

a weekend affair

thank goodness for:
grandmas that save cutesy vintage clothes
baby boys that wear them well
and festivals that serve beer and donuts

Seba first encounter with a donuts
{thanks aunty trish!}
hmmm what's this?
blow it first... it's fresh out of the ???
ah... who cares
a once in a life time opportunity must be met with great enthusiasm, spirit and openness
seba exhibited all of the above
and more

June 20, 2011

16 months

oh ----- wow.
time flies when your laughing, crying, yelling, whispering, smiling, frowning, loving, loving, loving it.
here he is a big boy toddler.  still our baby but less babyish and more babyish in different ways.
how has seba changed?
to be honest my memory of his baby months are blurred moments... clear feelings.
feelings of deep overwhelming love, tiredness, joy and fear.
how do i do this? am i doing it right? is he ok? are we ok?
the questions remain... and will probably remain for all my life.  am i doing everything i can do to make his life great? if his happiness is a reflection of mine... am i happy enough to make him happy?

he is happy.
i know it by the smile on his face. the fullness of his belly. the bruises on his legs.
he is actively happy. 
he is filled with love. 
uncomplicated, unquestionable, undeniable love.
no strings attached. no small print. just big, grand love.
from my blood. through my water. of my love -- our bond is thicker than it all.

sebastiano maurizio grossi
16 months old

you love the outdoors. you are a nature boy at heart and won't let anyone exit the house without you. as soon as you see us heading towards the door, your run, grab your shoes and sit down with the first foot up and ready to go.

you are a man of few words but plenty babble.  just this weekend you added a few new words to your limited but important vocabulary: mommeeee, dadeeeee, papa, mamma, nummie nummie, woof woof (dog), puppeee, boom boom (car), tieni (take in italian), babeeeee and your first words ever: "dow" (down) and "ba!" while rolling your arms with two fists -- and duh, we just realized "ba" is your nickname for seba.

although you tend to speak a lot of gibberish with hand flying to and fro, you understand almost all of what we say to you. bring your shoes, bring a ball, kick a ball, read a book, sit in your chair, come, go, bike ride, take and give, where is.. pretty much anything, bacino (kiss), ciao - ciao (bye), stinky (you scrunch your nose and wave your hand in front of it), no, yes, all the actions of "if you're happy and you know it", you know your body parts.. but love your toes the most.

you're also very good at communicating with us via pointing, leading, grabbing and saying babeeee or dadddeeeee.
you are so affectionate. you love to give hugs and squeezes. kisses and more kisses. sometimes you bite.
you smile is infectious. you are infectious.
you run like your always in a race.
you love to bring us your diaper and wipes when you're ready to be changed.
every time you lift anything, whether it's heavy or light, you grunt like a bodybuilder lifting a million pounds.

you love taking things from where they belong and then putting them back together. everything is a puzzle to you.

you can buckle yourself into your highchair, stroller and car seat,.. thankfully you haven't learned to unbuckle yet.
aside from one day this week, you continue to fall asleep anywhere, anytime, anyhow... and we love you for it -- this is a photo of you asleep on the back of daddy's office chair taken today.

your newest obsessions are 1) grabbing my finger and leading me to wherever you want to go, favourites include: the kitchen to eat, the bathroom to shower, your bedroom to be changed.

and 2) daddy's sandals: you love to put them on and walk around the house like a big boy. you're so cute.

my little sebi... i sit here... and i really don't know a way to express how much you mean to me. the way i love you so.  

our conversations on your change table are quite possibly the most cherished moments of my life.
you have set the bar on world's best baby and whomever follows after you will have big sandals to fill.... almost as big as daddy's.

June 18, 2011

June 17, 2011


saying no isn't an option

big eyed vintage art
"take me home," she whispered in my ear
and so... i did.

June 14, 2011

a smoothie a day {frozen!}

keeps the doctor away?
a tribute to hot summer days {finally!}
i decided to go all out
and freeze the sucker

today's smoothie?
flax oil*
*thanks for the tip ladies!

June 13, 2011

i never thought it would come to this

but it has.
yesterday i had to take an inconsolable seba for a "drive"
he was so tired and irritated, but just would not sleep.
2 minutes in the car with louis armstrong's "somewhere over the rainbow" and the boy was out cold. 
hell, i was almost passed out with him.  
i hope this crying stuff does not become routine,
but it's good to know i have a last resort just in case.
what works, works.

a smoothie a day

keeps the doctor away?
after yesterday's episode, i decided to give stinky his in a straw cup!

today's smoothie

p.s. i'm new to this whole smoothie business... if anyone has any extra yummy suggestions i'm all ears!

June 12, 2011

{i found}

the most ridiculous cookbook

too good to walk away from
this 1974 gem is truly outrageous

here's a taste of what's inside:

chapter 1: success depends on what you have and how well you use it

chapter 2: appetizers guaranteed to appetize her
"it's a whole lot more than stale fritos and straight gin over ice, george. here's how to whet her appetite for the main event

chapter 3: pot luck meals and other quickies

chapter 4: a super bowlful of tv meals
"perfect for an afternoon of action, whether it's on the television or the sofa"

chapter 5: a loaf of bread, a jug of wine, and pow!
"alfresco frolics demand more than a 6-pack followed by foreplay"

chapter 6: rewarding repasts for backyard, beach, or balcony
"you'll never score with a half-done hamburger or hot dogs with third-degree burns. follow these succulent suggestions on how to do it right"

chapter 7: light suppers for those heavy dates
"when it you've had her out all day and it looks as if you'll have her in all night"

chapter 8: a dozen dinners for deserving demoiselles
"meals to melt her resolve. fowl play to help you bag that special bird. superior salads to turn on your tomato. x-rated desserts."

chapter 9: but damn it all, doris, it's groundhog day!
"don't limit your kitchen craft to birthdays and holidays. if you can't think of a real reason to make her stay, dream up you own special event"

chapter 10: the morning after
"whether it's breakfast or lunch, you'll want things to be just as delicious as they were the night before."

chapter 11: canebrake cookery - getting away from them all
"fresh fish and game over coals -- for those times when you're fed up with females, up to your gills with girls. these masculine meals will tide you over until you regain your appetite for women"

fantastic. i know.

June 11, 2011

stinky naps

yes, we still have paper blinds
we're still not sure how we feel about window treatments
but we are sure of how we feel about sunlight
we love it lots

a smoothie a day

keeps the doctor away?

today's smoothie:

365 minutes with stinky: minute fifty-five

conversations with a stinkster

365 minutes with stinky: minute fifty-four

the roadrunner

June 10, 2011

i did it

i finally made gnocco fritto
been there. ate that
don't be jealous
it was scrumptious

yeah. yeah.
you know you want some

ps. i was so close to following an online recipe for this until i found nonna veglia's hand-written copy... and let me tell you:
it made the difference between homemade and hoooommmmemaaaaaade.
big difference
huge difference

June 7, 2011

a smoothie a day

keeps the doctor away?
thanks Millie for sharing that great smoothie on the weekend
{and inspiring us to take the once a day smoothie challenge!}

today's smoothie?
Millie's mint 


a weekend adventure, a parental milestone

3 nights minus the stinks
 parenting is all about balance
a cup of mommy
a cup of daddy
a tablespoon of we
and a dash of i
we had it all this weekend
mommy and daddy left sebi with his grandparents
we took a lovely drive to a cottage in port rowan for a weekend full of birthday fun festivities

i enjoyed relaxing and chatting 
drinking and dancing
eating and eating and eating
{i could definitely take part in a monthly taboo night}
 {brave souls marcus & jolene take a dip in the icy waters of lake erie}
stef enjoyed volley and bocci
tanning and eating
 and playing
 and playing

thank you to everyone for a wonderful, wonderful weekend
happy birthday phil

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