June 20, 2011

16 months

oh ----- wow.
time flies when your laughing, crying, yelling, whispering, smiling, frowning, loving, loving, loving it.
here he is a big boy toddler.  still our baby but less babyish and more babyish in different ways.
how has seba changed?
to be honest my memory of his baby months are blurred moments... clear feelings.
feelings of deep overwhelming love, tiredness, joy and fear.
how do i do this? am i doing it right? is he ok? are we ok?
the questions remain... and will probably remain for all my life.  am i doing everything i can do to make his life great? if his happiness is a reflection of mine... am i happy enough to make him happy?

he is happy.
i know it by the smile on his face. the fullness of his belly. the bruises on his legs.
he is actively happy. 
he is filled with love. 
uncomplicated, unquestionable, undeniable love.
no strings attached. no small print. just big, grand love.
from my blood. through my water. of my love -- our bond is thicker than it all.

sebastiano maurizio grossi
16 months old

you love the outdoors. you are a nature boy at heart and won't let anyone exit the house without you. as soon as you see us heading towards the door, your run, grab your shoes and sit down with the first foot up and ready to go.

you are a man of few words but plenty babble.  just this weekend you added a few new words to your limited but important vocabulary: mommeeee, dadeeeee, papa, mamma, nummie nummie, woof woof (dog), puppeee, boom boom (car), tieni (take in italian), babeeeee and your first words ever: "dow" (down) and "ba!" while rolling your arms with two fists -- and duh, we just realized "ba" is your nickname for seba.

although you tend to speak a lot of gibberish with hand flying to and fro, you understand almost all of what we say to you. bring your shoes, bring a ball, kick a ball, read a book, sit in your chair, come, go, bike ride, take and give, where is.. pretty much anything, bacino (kiss), ciao - ciao (bye), stinky (you scrunch your nose and wave your hand in front of it), no, yes, all the actions of "if you're happy and you know it", you know your body parts.. but love your toes the most.

you're also very good at communicating with us via pointing, leading, grabbing and saying babeeee or dadddeeeee.
you are so affectionate. you love to give hugs and squeezes. kisses and more kisses. sometimes you bite.
you smile is infectious. you are infectious.
you run like your always in a race.
you love to bring us your diaper and wipes when you're ready to be changed.
every time you lift anything, whether it's heavy or light, you grunt like a bodybuilder lifting a million pounds.

you love taking things from where they belong and then putting them back together. everything is a puzzle to you.

you can buckle yourself into your highchair, stroller and car seat,.. thankfully you haven't learned to unbuckle yet.
aside from one day this week, you continue to fall asleep anywhere, anytime, anyhow... and we love you for it -- this is a photo of you asleep on the back of daddy's office chair taken today.

your newest obsessions are 1) grabbing my finger and leading me to wherever you want to go, favourites include: the kitchen to eat, the bathroom to shower, your bedroom to be changed.

and 2) daddy's sandals: you love to put them on and walk around the house like a big boy. you're so cute.

my little sebi... i sit here... and i really don't know a way to express how much you mean to me. the way i love you so.  

our conversations on your change table are quite possibly the most cherished moments of my life.
you have set the bar on world's best baby and whomever follows after you will have big sandals to fill.... almost as big as daddy's.

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  1. Happy 16 months Seba!!

    I absolutely love the pictures you post of Seba falling asleep in random places, so I'm glad he's keeping this up. :)


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