June 22, 2011

farfalle and pork meatballs in a creamy spinach sauce

i was hungry today
and when i'm hungry i'm unstoppable
every possible thing i've ever eaten suddenly pops into my head 
demanding to be cooked immediately
and so i had to make a decision:

i chose wisely


so how do you get all this yumminess together?

first chop some garlic

throw it in a pan with olive oil on medium heat
and add mushrooms and spinach

meanwhile chop some more garlic
but this time add chopped onions as well

add the onions and garlic to grounded pork
i also threw in some almost wasted feta and parmigiano that i had in the fridge
(special shout to jolene for the feta idea)

form little meatballs with the pork
and fry on medium heat

checking in on the other saucepan
add panna once the spinach appears wilted 

meatballs should be cooked now
dump them into the spinach sauce and BAM -  you're done

...well almost
just boil your pasta and add to the sauce
unless you want the sauce without the pasta
which is entirely up to you

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