June 12, 2011

{i found}

the most ridiculous cookbook

too good to walk away from
this 1974 gem is truly outrageous

here's a taste of what's inside:

chapter 1: success depends on what you have and how well you use it

chapter 2: appetizers guaranteed to appetize her
"it's a whole lot more than stale fritos and straight gin over ice, george. here's how to whet her appetite for the main event

chapter 3: pot luck meals and other quickies

chapter 4: a super bowlful of tv meals
"perfect for an afternoon of action, whether it's on the television or the sofa"

chapter 5: a loaf of bread, a jug of wine, and pow!
"alfresco frolics demand more than a 6-pack followed by foreplay"

chapter 6: rewarding repasts for backyard, beach, or balcony
"you'll never score with a half-done hamburger or hot dogs with third-degree burns. follow these succulent suggestions on how to do it right"

chapter 7: light suppers for those heavy dates
"when it you've had her out all day and it looks as if you'll have her in all night"

chapter 8: a dozen dinners for deserving demoiselles
"meals to melt her resolve. fowl play to help you bag that special bird. superior salads to turn on your tomato. x-rated desserts."

chapter 9: but damn it all, doris, it's groundhog day!
"don't limit your kitchen craft to birthdays and holidays. if you can't think of a real reason to make her stay, dream up you own special event"

chapter 10: the morning after
"whether it's breakfast or lunch, you'll want things to be just as delicious as they were the night before."

chapter 11: canebrake cookery - getting away from them all
"fresh fish and game over coals -- for those times when you're fed up with females, up to your gills with girls. these masculine meals will tide you over until you regain your appetite for women"

fantastic. i know.

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