July 6, 2011

what HE wore wednesday (cause what i wore, just ain't worth showing)...PS. why not eat cookies while naked?

at least 3 days a week I come to the boys gardening in the backyard
this particular day was special... they weren't gardening, they were sitting at the picnic table doing paperwork... well one of them was.. the other was eating cookies in the nude after swimming laps in his toddler pool.
what a difficult life.

ps. i secretly did 50 sit-ups today while stefano was watering the grass... 
you know how after a c-section they tell you not to work your stomach muscles for at least 
6 weeks or whatever? 
well.. just to be extra careful i waited an extra 60+ weeks on top of that.
go me
way to get in shape lisa
what? you're going to the italian seaside in 2 weeks? 
no problem. no problem at all*.

*definitely bringing back the oversized NKOTB t-shirt and swimsuit look
oh 1985...
you were such a great year 

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