August 31, 2011

August 30, 2011

Italy: the good, the bad and the stinky.
*day one*

whoa.  it's been awhile since i've been here.  almost a whole month.
friends... are you still out there?
i'm here! i'm back.
an escaped moment and ba-dam, here i am... returned.

i missed this. a lot.

rewind. italy. july 20 - august 4. 
17 days.

day one:
the good: sebi slept almost the entire flight.

the bad: we did not get a bassinet seat, which  ='ed extra squished mommy with sleeping toddler on lap who insisted on caressing the arm of the lady beside us until he passed out. thankfully she loved it.

the stinky: sebi was wearing shoes without socks and i swear his feet smelled like a grown man after jogging in the rain with runners and dress socks.

August 7, 2011

got milk?!

we're back from pastaland! 
so many photos, so many stories.. 
but after a chaotic flight back, a lazy first day home, a cleaning marathon - where everything bad that could happen did ... 
i leave you with one simple but adorable photo.
sebi with his first milkstache - he drank his morning bottle from a cup!
just when we didn't think he could get any cuter -- 
boom: he got all milky-mouthed and yummy. 
cuter than cute.
"sebi... vuoi latte?"
"ahhh si!"

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