August 30, 2011

Italy: the good, the bad and the stinky.
*day one*

whoa.  it's been awhile since i've been here.  almost a whole month.
friends... are you still out there?
i'm here! i'm back.
an escaped moment and ba-dam, here i am... returned.

i missed this. a lot.

rewind. italy. july 20 - august 4. 
17 days.

day one:
the good: sebi slept almost the entire flight.

the bad: we did not get a bassinet seat, which  ='ed extra squished mommy with sleeping toddler on lap who insisted on caressing the arm of the lady beside us until he passed out. thankfully she loved it.

the stinky: sebi was wearing shoes without socks and i swear his feet smelled like a grown man after jogging in the rain with runners and dress socks.


  1. welcome back! where in Italy were you? my husband and I are going for 3 weeks, leaving on Sept.9th. We've never been before and will be staying in Rome, Florence, Assisi, and Naples. i'm so excited!

  2. Look at the face! Seriously, who would mind having their arm caressed by the owner of that face?

  3. oh ladies.. how i've missed blogging!
    Eva: we were in Emilia Romanga and Tuscany. you will lovvvvvvvve italy! You've also picked some of the best cities to visit! I've visited all of the ones you are heading to, they are each beautiful and unique in their own way. if you need any ideas, or travel tips feel free to ask me! if i don't have an answer, Stefano definitely will =)
    Randalin: seriously.. it was hilarious...the boy was obsessed with this woman's arm... it was soothing him... and her! still.. i think from here on out travelling will only become more and more difficult! oh how i miss the days of popping him on the boob and having him sleep the whole flight...they are FAR, FAR behind us now!

  4. I do have a lot of questions!
    The main thing I'm having trouble with is how to pack! How hot do you think it will be there? Will I stick out as a tourist if I don't dress fancy? What kind of shoes?? Also, can we get by easily w/o speaking Italian, or should learn some phrases?

    haha, sorry for the don't have to answer all those, it's just what I've been stressing about!


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