September 29, 2011

365 minutes with stinky: minute seventy-one

i should prelude this video by saying:
1) our house is new and the basement is unfinished
2) so we thought we'd make the most of it with some hand-me-down carpets and
3) a play area for the stinks

we recently added the newest most coolest addition ever:
enter THE SWING 
{another awesome idea via PAHM}
bring on the rainy days
we've got the outside turned in

thank you daddy for being our personal play maker
you make our dreams come true
our imagination a reality
and we love you

Italy: the good, the bad and the stinky.
*day nine*

the good: salami, great-grandmas, amazing public bathroom (anyone who's been to italy, knows these are hard to come by over there!
the bad: home-time inevitably approaching
the stinky: not applicable... unless you're a vegetarian...then you might say salami, prosciutto, ciccioli are stinky -- but i'd disagree with you.. and probably delete your comment.

seba loves prosciutto -- loves.

seba and his great-grandma share a special relationship that involves 
loud whistles, throwing plastic bottles over a balcony and --  socks -- no matter what season.
it's a lovely thing to see them play together.

love everything about this washroom
the colours, the cleanliness, 
the fact that it has re-usable cloths to dry your hands 
(we're all about the re-usable cloths / napkins in our house)
i could have spent all day in here

September 28, 2011

365 minutes with stinky: minute seventy

when we came back from italy, seba's was swollen with mosquito bites,
so we took him in for a check-up
while making this video we obviously realized the appointment was unnecessary

Italy: the good, the bad and the stinky.
*day eight*

the good: dessert breakfasts, quadricycles, tight onesie swimsuits that resemble wrestle-wear
the bad: being busted for not pedalling
the stinky: salt-water-burned baby eyes (but at least he finally realized he likes the sea!)

he loved ringing that bell

365 minutes with stinky: minute sixty-nine

why our mornings are always amazing
(this was a continuation of minute sixty-eight, but i forgot to post)
the last second is the best part of this video
he's darn lovable, this boy.

September 25, 2011

seba's bedroom: an instagram tour
he's a bigboy now with a bigboy room

so: my camera has malfunctioned {read:broken -- but i refuse to believe it}
which is why my life has been reduced to iphone photos for life.. or at lease until i get a new camera.
taking photos with a phone is so much more fun when you know it's an option, not a necessity.

well, let's make the most of this.
here is seba's new big boy room 
which is no longer a nursery{wah}
it has his floor bed, his giraffes, his books
with some new additions and re-organization
it looks organized
i should take a photo of it at night before bed -- it usually looks like a tornado swirled through
stacking toys: seba loves putting one on top the other and then smashing them all down
reading corner: 
his favourite books right now are our coffee table book "trees" (which has no words, go figure) 
and "c is for coco," a book his aunty vicky bought him .. which i highly recommend.. the pictures and words are hilarious... yes, i like this book too... 
which is kinda why it's seba's current favourite
giraffe desk:
best winners purchase thus far
seba loves to type so we've attached an old keyboard to it
his bed:
where dreams come true
kinda -- 
unless they're nightmares.. then he jumps out of the bed eyes closed and stomp over to 
mommy and daddy's room
{which has been happening a lot lately}
a downside {or upside depending on how you look at it} to a floor-bed

sidenote: i used to sneak it to my parents room all the time... until one day i found the door locked and fell asleep outside of the door crying. 
i can still remember the feeling.  but i'm of over it -- 
and seba will get over it too -- 
but for now... we'll let him sneak in
one of seba's favourite things right now:
he loves getting dressed, looking in the mirror and saying "wowwwwww"
damn cute
to be honest, seba doesn't give a crap about this toy yet
but i'm sure one day he'll love it just as much as i did
although he does love the tractor that came with it 
{not shown in this photo, because he thinks it's a race car and vrooms it around the house}
his favouritest toy in the world right now
cookies and milk
it's 5 coloured cookies and a milk jug that moos when you turn it upside down
seba loves putting the cookies in and then turning it over to pour them out
over and over and over again
i like it because teaches him colours and numbers
so i tend to go along with the game at least 20 or so times in a row...
activity cube
scary looking jack in the box
another favourite cookie game
choo choo train
oh man oh man they just don't make toys this good anymore
i'm going to have to make a youtube video of how real this train sounds
it's seriously amazing
an oldie but goodie
clearly i have an obsession with buying seba vintage toys i never had but always wanted
kinda because i can finally play with them too 
without hearing some snot-nosed kid say "that's mine!!!" -- 
uh, uh! it's mine now honey!
whoa -- psycho moment
the removable spoiler that doubles as a wrench to take the wheels of is what sold me on this beauty
he only just started to fall in love with his airplane
we knew he'd like it one day

the end.

ps. stef if you're reading this -- i need a new camera. love you too.
pps. if you're not reading this, i'm not your friend anymore you unsupportive doob.
ppps. but i know you are reading this, and so, i love you still. and more. 

September 21, 2011

what HE wore wednesday (cause what i wore, just ain't worth showing)...PS. he's a little devil

grazie aunty ana for the perfect t-shirt!

365 minutes with stinky: minute sixty-eight

first day back from italy:
apparently seba saw/heard a lot of motorcycles over there...

italy: the good, the bad, and the stinky.
*day seven*

a travelling album: blurred photos of a day by the sea
the good: carefree teenagers on a boat along the coast of the cinque terre. mussels. sunshine. colours.
the bad: one of the carefree teenagers suffers from sea-sickness 
{i swallowed my sickness almost literally and lasted as long as i could}
the stinky: not a stinky in sight.  he was enjoying a day at the beach with his nonna.
we hopped in the car to go meet Stefano's friend Michele for a cruise in his boat

ready to set sail
we stopped at this lovely spot to eat. 
their taxi boat comes to get you from your boat to bring you the restaurant

porto venere

a wonderful RELAXING {even if slightly sea-sickish} day.

September 20, 2011

pick me up...

and drag me back to blogging. regularly.  i'm so much happier when i blog on the regular.  i feel productive -- which may sound weird.. but when you think of your blog as a life's journal, a baby book and your memory{which you seem to be slowly losing}, it becomes quite an important feature in your day-to-day tasks. 
keep it up lisa. don't be sloppy -- record your memories -- you will be thankful for them later.  
i will. i know i will because i already am.
when i'm feeling sad or beaten up... i go on my blog.. read my early posts and remember why this is all worth it. 
i come back to myself. and to them.
he's definitely a carnivore
moving on: we had a great weekend {can i just jump topics like this?!}.  
depending on what you think of as great though -- we cleaned the house inside and out: stefano cleaned outside preparing for the winter. i cleaned inside -- well, did my  routine cleaning and then focused as the two tasks at hand: re-organizing seba's room {bigboystyle} and painting the powder room -- 
only one of these tasks were completed... i wish i could say it was the painted bathroom -- but it was not.  i now have a half painted bathroom on the main floor -- thankfully and un-thankfully we never use it...  this means the completion may be delayed.  i was so insistent on doing it this weekend.. getting it done.. and boom.. as usual all the hype leads to failure!  i forgot how high are ceilings are, the bathroom is so small yet so big. damn it. 
hopefully i finish it next weekend cause i don't know how long i can avoid it.. 
of course i never use that bathroom, but now that i can't use it,  i suddenly feel the urge to pee every time i'm on the main floor.
mehnyhow seba's room was a success -- i've been wanting to big boy it up for awhile now... but never got around to doing it... last week i was catching up on my blogs and loved how randalin bigboyed kale's awesome room -- it gave me the extra shove-in-the-ass i need to get my shit together.  why should seba suffer from my turtlish ways? 
and so i did it. check. done. bam. satisfied.  
i used seba's classroom at school and different ideas from PAHM as inspiration for the room. 
i'll post the photos tooommmoooorrrooowww {read in slow-mo voice}
the cousins: double trouble -- or as Stef calls them, "the gremlins"

this post totally swayed from my original intention... i was planning to return to my weekend and obsessions posts...

1) bed sheets 2)  practice w/ instagram - i was going for the psycho-killer look! 3)smitten kitchen's tomato sauce 

oh well. you got my weekend and i didn't have that many obsessions last week anyhow, just: end-of garage-sales, egg,bacon,potato,cheese,sour cream frittata, gw missions with trish, the new instagram {i hated instagram until today actually}, healthy snacks on the counter , black paint, bed sheets {always}, smitten kitchen's tomato sauce {i'm not alone on this one},... and.. 
i think that's it. for now.
oh.. and here's a sneak peak of seba's room:
ok.. it's not that much of a sneak peak.. i just wanted to post their little gremlin legs
{and remember, they multiply}

ps. stefano's mustache is becoming creepily weird and sailerish.  
yes, i told him. yes, i told you!

365 minutes with stinky: minute sixty-seven

this is what "hanging at the beach" means now

September 18, 2011

so picking a childcare/school for Seba was like trying to choose

the best hotel for an all-inclusive vacation to Cuba.
ok... clearly it was more important.. .but the experience was kind of the same.
reading reviews, checking star ratings, teacher look-ups, wondering how the food is... blah blah blah. on and on and on.
it was awful.
it wasn't a matter of bedbugs vs. no bedbugs. ok food vs. terrible food. local vs. imported alcohol.

no. no. no.  this was far more detrimental.  it would create far greater waves in our lives.

academic vs. play -- all day vs. half day -- montessori vs. daycare -- expensive vs. expensiver
all this combined with finding someone you trust to take care of your child
to nurture them and love them
teach them and learn from them
someone who will guide them.. all while letting them be themselves. 
{sebi on his first official day of school}
i once read that "children are like wet cement, whatever falls on them makes an impression"
he is like a blank slate... he needs to soak in as many new experiences as he can... how else can he learn what he likes and dislikes?  how else will he know there is so much more going on this world... 
outside of our house?

we made the choice to send Seba to montessori -- all day -- everyday.  
as a test -- see how he likes it, how he adapts, what he gains.

{proudly bringing home is artwork}
he loves it. he's excited to go, he never wants to leave when we pick him up.  when i ask him about his teacher he smiles and blabs {i think it means he likes her}.
i love that they have an everyday journal where they document what he ate, how he slept, his bowel movements, what he learned, and how his day was.
i love that seba is learning through play -- playing and cleaning up, organizing toys, sitting in circles and singing about his day, his body, the things he sees.
i love that the classroom is big, clean and spacious... with only 12 children and 3 teachers.
i love that they love him and take care of him.  they call me during the day to tell me how he's doing.  they inform of his activities me everyday when i pick him up. 
i know they pay attention to my shnookums by the things they tell me: he loves to kiss, he runs around while eating his lunch (hopefully they can tame the beast!), he always poops just after you change his diaper, he takes short naps and wakes up ready to go.  he's lovable and "busy" ... that's a nice way to say he's exactly like that a windup toy that never runs our of batteries. seba in a nutshell.

i'm so happy my little social butterfly is getting to spread his wings... he'll never be an antisocial hermit like his mommy -- unless he wants to.. and in that case he and i can lock ourselves inside forever and ever -- snuggly and warm. indoors. 
home is where the party's at for me. always.

dum didee dum dum.
i'm so happy that he's happy
{end of week 1 -- still having fun!}

365 minutes with stinky: minute sixty-six

 they have to be creative when they're stuck in the back seat all the time
this is how seba keeps himself busy

italy: the good, the bad, and the stinky.
*day six*

the good: beach -- again -- obviously.  narrow streets. cobblestone. tiniest of tiny doors. 11 o'clock soccer matches -- especially when it's children playing as their parents sip wine and chat. living life. 
the bad: with regards to all the good above -- i'm usually in bed by 11pm-- yes, even on the weekend. baaaad me.
the stinky: wet diapers mixed with sand and poop {not sure if i mentioned this in a previous post. either way. again}. a toddler screaming bloody murder when you try to bring him in the sea.  it was like he had never been near water in his life. people must have wondered whether we bath him or not.
it was so much fun burying seba in the sand... 
it gave us a break from chasing him all over the beach
daddy trying to slowly immerse the stinks into the water...
he still wasn't having it

i know he's difficult to see, but this is stefano doing his
"stop playing with your phone / taking photos and let's go" pose
i hope seba is an active outdoor kid.. kicking a ball with his foot rather than a button on a joystick 
and if he wants to play anything at 11pm -- i'll try my best to stay awake for him =)

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