September 12, 2011

and so, that being said

he's a toddler.
i can't believe he's 18 months,
but then i look at all the grown-up things he does like opening my deodorant and rubbing it in his hair, biting chunks of out of the soap, layering our clothes all over his body, stripping butt naked and running around the house,.. 
and i realize --
it's inevitable: he will grow-up {insert sad face here}
he's already displaying all the symptoms:
he toddles around. wibbling, wobbling. grabbing and gobbling everything within his reach.
i constantly think about his babyhood... trying to inspect how he's changed and yet somehow remained the same.
i love this little toddler boy.
i love him a lot


  1. as hard as it is to see them get older, it sure is fun watching them grow and learn!

  2. it is! i flip-flop everyday between sadness for what has passed and happiness for what is to come!


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