September 7, 2011

Italy: the good, the bad and the stinky.
*day five*

the good: the beach. luna park {fair}.
the bad: the beach -- a toddler running all over it like a madchild.  i don't know why we bothered to bring our books. if they were a tad bit heavier i could have used them to drown myself in the sea. uhhhh... is that bad to say?  it was still fun... just not relaxing. like not at all. no all.
the stinky: nothing stinks at the beach. regardless of the above, it was still a good time.
 just try to picture the most relaxing experience you can imagine... maybe a spa with tranquil music, a hot tub, and a glass of water with a slice of cucumber.  now add a crazy toddler that appears to be on speed. fun.
daddy's little speedos still fit! yesssss!

sebi had an unusual fear of water the first 3 or 4 days... he would just sit and watch daddy swim
lunch time
luna park
sebi's first fair experience
it was love at first ride
{more photos to come}

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