September 29, 2011

Italy: the good, the bad and the stinky.
*day nine*

the good: salami, great-grandmas, amazing public bathroom (anyone who's been to italy, knows these are hard to come by over there!
the bad: home-time inevitably approaching
the stinky: not applicable... unless you're a vegetarian...then you might say salami, prosciutto, ciccioli are stinky -- but i'd disagree with you.. and probably delete your comment.

seba loves prosciutto -- loves.

seba and his great-grandma share a special relationship that involves 
loud whistles, throwing plastic bottles over a balcony and --  socks -- no matter what season.
it's a lovely thing to see them play together.

love everything about this washroom
the colours, the cleanliness, 
the fact that it has re-usable cloths to dry your hands 
(we're all about the re-usable cloths / napkins in our house)
i could have spent all day in here

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