September 21, 2011

italy: the good, the bad, and the stinky.
*day seven*

a travelling album: blurred photos of a day by the sea
the good: carefree teenagers on a boat along the coast of the cinque terre. mussels. sunshine. colours.
the bad: one of the carefree teenagers suffers from sea-sickness 
{i swallowed my sickness almost literally and lasted as long as i could}
the stinky: not a stinky in sight.  he was enjoying a day at the beach with his nonna.
we hopped in the car to go meet Stefano's friend Michele for a cruise in his boat

ready to set sail
we stopped at this lovely spot to eat. 
their taxi boat comes to get you from your boat to bring you the restaurant

porto venere

a wonderful RELAXING {even if slightly sea-sickish} day.

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