September 18, 2011

italy: the good, the bad, and the stinky.
*day six*

the good: beach -- again -- obviously.  narrow streets. cobblestone. tiniest of tiny doors. 11 o'clock soccer matches -- especially when it's children playing as their parents sip wine and chat. living life. 
the bad: with regards to all the good above -- i'm usually in bed by 11pm-- yes, even on the weekend. baaaad me.
the stinky: wet diapers mixed with sand and poop {not sure if i mentioned this in a previous post. either way. again}. a toddler screaming bloody murder when you try to bring him in the sea.  it was like he had never been near water in his life. people must have wondered whether we bath him or not.
it was so much fun burying seba in the sand... 
it gave us a break from chasing him all over the beach
daddy trying to slowly immerse the stinks into the water...
he still wasn't having it

i know he's difficult to see, but this is stefano doing his
"stop playing with your phone / taking photos and let's go" pose
i hope seba is an active outdoor kid.. kicking a ball with his foot rather than a button on a joystick 
and if he wants to play anything at 11pm -- i'll try my best to stay awake for him =)

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