September 20, 2011

pick me up...

and drag me back to blogging. regularly.  i'm so much happier when i blog on the regular.  i feel productive -- which may sound weird.. but when you think of your blog as a life's journal, a baby book and your memory{which you seem to be slowly losing}, it becomes quite an important feature in your day-to-day tasks. 
keep it up lisa. don't be sloppy -- record your memories -- you will be thankful for them later.  
i will. i know i will because i already am.
when i'm feeling sad or beaten up... i go on my blog.. read my early posts and remember why this is all worth it. 
i come back to myself. and to them.
he's definitely a carnivore
moving on: we had a great weekend {can i just jump topics like this?!}.  
depending on what you think of as great though -- we cleaned the house inside and out: stefano cleaned outside preparing for the winter. i cleaned inside -- well, did my  routine cleaning and then focused as the two tasks at hand: re-organizing seba's room {bigboystyle} and painting the powder room -- 
only one of these tasks were completed... i wish i could say it was the painted bathroom -- but it was not.  i now have a half painted bathroom on the main floor -- thankfully and un-thankfully we never use it...  this means the completion may be delayed.  i was so insistent on doing it this weekend.. getting it done.. and boom.. as usual all the hype leads to failure!  i forgot how high are ceilings are, the bathroom is so small yet so big. damn it. 
hopefully i finish it next weekend cause i don't know how long i can avoid it.. 
of course i never use that bathroom, but now that i can't use it,  i suddenly feel the urge to pee every time i'm on the main floor.
mehnyhow seba's room was a success -- i've been wanting to big boy it up for awhile now... but never got around to doing it... last week i was catching up on my blogs and loved how randalin bigboyed kale's awesome room -- it gave me the extra shove-in-the-ass i need to get my shit together.  why should seba suffer from my turtlish ways? 
and so i did it. check. done. bam. satisfied.  
i used seba's classroom at school and different ideas from PAHM as inspiration for the room. 
i'll post the photos tooommmoooorrrooowww {read in slow-mo voice}
the cousins: double trouble -- or as Stef calls them, "the gremlins"

this post totally swayed from my original intention... i was planning to return to my weekend and obsessions posts...

1) bed sheets 2)  practice w/ instagram - i was going for the psycho-killer look! 3)smitten kitchen's tomato sauce 

oh well. you got my weekend and i didn't have that many obsessions last week anyhow, just: end-of garage-sales, egg,bacon,potato,cheese,sour cream frittata, gw missions with trish, the new instagram {i hated instagram until today actually}, healthy snacks on the counter , black paint, bed sheets {always}, smitten kitchen's tomato sauce {i'm not alone on this one},... and.. 
i think that's it. for now.
oh.. and here's a sneak peak of seba's room:
ok.. it's not that much of a sneak peak.. i just wanted to post their little gremlin legs
{and remember, they multiply}

ps. stefano's mustache is becoming creepily weird and sailerish.  
yes, i told him. yes, i told you!

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