September 25, 2011

seba's bedroom: an instagram tour
he's a bigboy now with a bigboy room

so: my camera has malfunctioned {read:broken -- but i refuse to believe it}
which is why my life has been reduced to iphone photos for life.. or at lease until i get a new camera.
taking photos with a phone is so much more fun when you know it's an option, not a necessity.

well, let's make the most of this.
here is seba's new big boy room 
which is no longer a nursery{wah}
it has his floor bed, his giraffes, his books
with some new additions and re-organization
it looks organized
i should take a photo of it at night before bed -- it usually looks like a tornado swirled through
stacking toys: seba loves putting one on top the other and then smashing them all down
reading corner: 
his favourite books right now are our coffee table book "trees" (which has no words, go figure) 
and "c is for coco," a book his aunty vicky bought him .. which i highly recommend.. the pictures and words are hilarious... yes, i like this book too... 
which is kinda why it's seba's current favourite
giraffe desk:
best winners purchase thus far
seba loves to type so we've attached an old keyboard to it
his bed:
where dreams come true
kinda -- 
unless they're nightmares.. then he jumps out of the bed eyes closed and stomp over to 
mommy and daddy's room
{which has been happening a lot lately}
a downside {or upside depending on how you look at it} to a floor-bed

sidenote: i used to sneak it to my parents room all the time... until one day i found the door locked and fell asleep outside of the door crying. 
i can still remember the feeling.  but i'm of over it -- 
and seba will get over it too -- 
but for now... we'll let him sneak in
one of seba's favourite things right now:
he loves getting dressed, looking in the mirror and saying "wowwwwww"
damn cute
to be honest, seba doesn't give a crap about this toy yet
but i'm sure one day he'll love it just as much as i did
although he does love the tractor that came with it 
{not shown in this photo, because he thinks it's a race car and vrooms it around the house}
his favouritest toy in the world right now
cookies and milk
it's 5 coloured cookies and a milk jug that moos when you turn it upside down
seba loves putting the cookies in and then turning it over to pour them out
over and over and over again
i like it because teaches him colours and numbers
so i tend to go along with the game at least 20 or so times in a row...
activity cube
scary looking jack in the box
another favourite cookie game
choo choo train
oh man oh man they just don't make toys this good anymore
i'm going to have to make a youtube video of how real this train sounds
it's seriously amazing
an oldie but goodie
clearly i have an obsession with buying seba vintage toys i never had but always wanted
kinda because i can finally play with them too 
without hearing some snot-nosed kid say "that's mine!!!" -- 
uh, uh! it's mine now honey!
whoa -- psycho moment
the removable spoiler that doubles as a wrench to take the wheels of is what sold me on this beauty
he only just started to fall in love with his airplane
we knew he'd like it one day

the end.

ps. stef if you're reading this -- i need a new camera. love you too.
pps. if you're not reading this, i'm not your friend anymore you unsupportive doob.
ppps. but i know you are reading this, and so, i love you still. and more. 


  1. Seba has so many fun toys! Kale would LOVE it there ;)
    The little giraffe desk is my absolute favourite part of the room. Or is it the stack of books? Or the floor bed??

  2. Kale needs to come play with us =)
    ...although i must admit, i'm scared of what these two little monsters would do together!

  3. Waaow, woman, these photos are amazing you could do iphone photos for life (hopefully Stefano won't read this comment). I love Seba's room and I am completely smitten with all your vintage toys. I would totally sit with you to play with these toys while we let the kids go and bake us a cake and fetch us some wine ;) No, but seriously, though.. I love that you incorporated little montessori details into the set-up!
    p.s. can you please send me your email to my email so i can send you and email? thanks (silenceandnoise1 gmail dot com


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