September 18, 2011

so picking a childcare/school for Seba was like trying to choose

the best hotel for an all-inclusive vacation to Cuba.
ok... clearly it was more important.. .but the experience was kind of the same.
reading reviews, checking star ratings, teacher look-ups, wondering how the food is... blah blah blah. on and on and on.
it was awful.
it wasn't a matter of bedbugs vs. no bedbugs. ok food vs. terrible food. local vs. imported alcohol.

no. no. no.  this was far more detrimental.  it would create far greater waves in our lives.

academic vs. play -- all day vs. half day -- montessori vs. daycare -- expensive vs. expensiver
all this combined with finding someone you trust to take care of your child
to nurture them and love them
teach them and learn from them
someone who will guide them.. all while letting them be themselves. 
{sebi on his first official day of school}
i once read that "children are like wet cement, whatever falls on them makes an impression"
he is like a blank slate... he needs to soak in as many new experiences as he can... how else can he learn what he likes and dislikes?  how else will he know there is so much more going on this world... 
outside of our house?

we made the choice to send Seba to montessori -- all day -- everyday.  
as a test -- see how he likes it, how he adapts, what he gains.

{proudly bringing home is artwork}
he loves it. he's excited to go, he never wants to leave when we pick him up.  when i ask him about his teacher he smiles and blabs {i think it means he likes her}.
i love that they have an everyday journal where they document what he ate, how he slept, his bowel movements, what he learned, and how his day was.
i love that seba is learning through play -- playing and cleaning up, organizing toys, sitting in circles and singing about his day, his body, the things he sees.
i love that the classroom is big, clean and spacious... with only 12 children and 3 teachers.
i love that they love him and take care of him.  they call me during the day to tell me how he's doing.  they inform of his activities me everyday when i pick him up. 
i know they pay attention to my shnookums by the things they tell me: he loves to kiss, he runs around while eating his lunch (hopefully they can tame the beast!), he always poops just after you change his diaper, he takes short naps and wakes up ready to go.  he's lovable and "busy" ... that's a nice way to say he's exactly like that a windup toy that never runs our of batteries. seba in a nutshell.

i'm so happy my little social butterfly is getting to spread his wings... he'll never be an antisocial hermit like his mommy -- unless he wants to.. and in that case he and i can lock ourselves inside forever and ever -- snuggly and warm. indoors. 
home is where the party's at for me. always.

dum didee dum dum.
i'm so happy that he's happy
{end of week 1 -- still having fun!}


  1. I was totally unprepared for how hard choosing child care was going to be. We also went with Montessori (although just half day for now). He loves it. I'm so glad Seba is enjoying it too. Is it just the best feeling knowing that they love something??

  2. This was such an awesome post to read. We are also doing Montessori and we LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Bresho is happy and looks forward to going to see his friends and teachers. I am also in love with the Montessori method and feel like it is a perfect fit for him. I totally know the feeling of having found just the perfect place for the little love of your life to spend his days at. xxxo


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