October 31, 2011

365 minutes with stinky: minute seventy-seven & seventy-eight

wanted: cars and hockey sticks
everything else can disappear unnoticed

the littlest hobos

seba & shiloh
tied together by slobber, love and leashes 
they have a give and take relationship
seba gives treats
shiloh takes them

October 24, 2011

the weekend

 was filled with almond tea
 and blended oranges
 lefty rights
 and plenty of naps
 hockey sticks coveted
 and thrifted ski boots 
 reading owls
 and delightful treasures all round
 it was like trick or treat... minus the trick
 sick little men were temporarily a bliss
and eventually,
permanently exhausted 


italy: the good, the bad, and the stinky.
day thirteen

the good: focaccia in parma
the bad: the umbrella stroller. it may be easier to fly with -- but that's about it. umbrella strollers and cobblestone? bad idea.
the stinky: hot mammas in heels with perfect hair. 

 no, that is not me up ahead
i wish it were
 but sadly i am back here...
the one behind the camera jealously snapping a photo
italian women:
they dress well. have nice hair.
always wear matching bras and undies
they wear heels with strollers, motorcycles, bicycles...and on cobblestone
i remember this day clearly: i got out of the car feeling decent about myself..
until i saw her and thought: what the hell?!  where do women like this come from? 
 i can't even find matching socks since having a baby.. 
and here is this woman all sexified and victoria secrestish with child in tow?
please dear lord tell me she's a nanny. an aunt. a family friend.
then suddenly a little voice called: "mamma"
it's not. fair.
 at least seba kept his eyes on me the whole time?
so loyal, my little prince
the focaccia here made my day
so did this lello house!
this fountain boy made my year...
and maybe even something more.

October 23, 2011

italy the good, the bad, and the stinky.
day twelve

the good: a house on a hill. tile style. wild rosemary.
the bad: a ticking clock.
the stinky: no stinkiness reported.

italy: the good, the bad, and the stinky.
day eleven

the good: taking late night walks on cobblestone roads. bars and babies.
the bad: mosquitoes
the stinky: i'm so behind in posting these, i can't even recall any stinkiness. plus, i only have two phone photos from this day... not sure why.

 we like to make weird faces for photos.  
i think it's because we actually look weirder if we don't make faces.
all the craziness on the beach tired our beast out
rest for seba = rest for us!

italy: the good, the bad, and the stinky.
*day ten*

the good: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. everyday. always. yummy.
the bad: knowing that i will long for an amazing carpaccio when i get home, but will never be able to reinvent the quite simple dish. {we since have!}
the stinky: sweaty high heels after doing the 100m dash in them. only in italy!

October 20, 2011

i wish this were a "stinky naps post"...

but it's not.
it's a stinky's sick post.

ever since he started school, he's been pretty much sick the whole time. off and on.
where do you stand on the 'to send or not to send' your child to daycare when ill?
we send seba if he has a runny nose or slight cough.  but there are times when you look at your child and you know they're not well enough to go. you know they shouldn't go. stefano and i share the role of missing work when seba's sick.  stefano works from home and i have a laptop that i can sign on to work from home when needed.
about two weeks ago seba was really sick... which means not eating, not sleeping well, sore throat, cough, cold, diarrhea.  we kept him home.  on his first day back after getting better i went to pick up from school and there was a little girl lying on a cot with a rag on her head.  she had a fever.  i was shocked to see her just lying there with no mommy or daddy to comfort her. shocked to see a child so visibly ill at school.  shocked to see the other kids just playing near her open to whatever illness she had.
i know.
it's normal. kids get sick at school. parents have to work.  it's the revolving door of daycare. i get it.
but i don't.
is it horrible if i can't understand how any parent could send there 20 month-old to school ill?  is it horrible if i can't understand how an employer cannot sympathize?  is it horrible if i feel like when my child is sick people think i'm taking a vacation day?  a day of manis and pedis? a day of fun in the sun?  what a sick feeling when feel you have to show proof of just how sick your baby is that it warrants you staying home and not sending him to school.
seba woke up in the middle of the night wheezing, choking and vomiting phlegm. i thought he was going to pass out. i didn't know what was wrong with him.  i didn't know how to help. and somewhere in the back of mind, i was thinking "oh crap, how am i going to explain this to work".
being a working mother -- has made me paranoid.  although to be honest, my workplace is a high concentrated state of paranoia.  there is no trust among employees. everyone seems to be watching their backs -- always.  no one seems happy.  and if you do seem happy -- watch out because the bitter angry people won't like it. they'll want you out.
if i subtract the war zone atmosphere, i actually like my job.  i could be amazing at my job -- i want to find ways to improve the department i work in. i want to make a difference in the company... but what i hear back from employees is "nothing will ever change around here -- it is the way we are". do you know how depressing that is? to be climbing a mountain with no view of the top?
i know.
no work place is perfect.
but if we spend the majority of our waking life at work.. shouldn't we at least like what we do?  or try to?  shouldn't we be happier?
there are a few people at work that hate me. or dislike me. maybe i smile too much, i dunno.
maybe they're bitter individuals with too much space in their empty souls to hold hatred for someone they barely know.  the kind of people that have time during their work day to bad talk other employees.  the kind of people that have the time to chart my absenteeism in order to care for seba if he's ill.  the same people that take at least 5 coffee runs a day, use the bathroom a billion times, surf the net, chat on the phone, clearly have unlimited text plans on their cells... time wasters. people that sadly believe productivity is measured by time in the office rather than output.
so they chat and bad talk people they dislike, but at least it's within the walls of the company. at least they're at work.

so let me be the target in which their bullet is aimed for the time being.  let me be judged by the almighty panel of nothing-doers.  if it makes their days brighter. if it makes them feel good - who am i to stand in their way?  i'll stay home and take care of my sick child.. because i am his care-giver. because he is my son. because i love him more than anything in the world. because he is MY HAPPINESS. because i don't care about co-workers who senselessly bad-talk others in a workplace that has absolutely no competition among employees. there isn't even a horrible motive {like wanting someone else's job} to push others down.  they simply want to squash people to make themselves feel better.  these are the same people that get all giddy when they see someone in a closed door meeting with management.  the people that enjoy fear, hostility and general unhappiness in the workplace.  i can only conclude that their entire life must be a sad, sad, sad picture. poor them.

anyhow... i've wasted enough of my energy on this nothingness.
life's not always full of sunshine.  you gotta have rainy days too. but at least my family is my umbrella and they'll never let the rain get me down.

the end

disclaimer: All characters mentioned in this blog post are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. 
...or maybe not.

ps: i guess this what not a stinky's sick post after all... but a mommy's sick and tired post. hmph.

October 19, 2011

what HE wore wednesday (cause what i wore, just ain't worth showing)... PS. or what he wears everday

this could definitely be re-titled what he wears everyday
the stinkster is so obsessed with this new hockey stick 
we love it too because it's a soft pleather that doesn't scratch our floors
but it has kind of ruined our lives.
from the moment i wake up until the moment i sleep
there is a little creature that follows me around shoving a hockey stick in my face 
saying "uhhhh uhhhh"
i'm pretty certain that if google translate had a 
from: gibberish - to: english
"uhhh uhhh" would translate to "play or die" 
{which, depending on his tone may or may not have a swear word at the end}

*i have at least one guess as to why the previous owners gave this toy to good will

he's so cute in this hat, but...

i can't really snap a good shot of him wearing it because it apparently gives him wind-up-toy-super-hero-powers, he usually puts it on his head and runs around the house like a battery operated toy on speed. naked.

October 16, 2011

sadly i'm not as big a fan as they are

{well, i'm actually not a fan at all}
but i sacrificed and went to the game for them
i didn't want to go but
stefano begged me
he even got seba to beg me
and i melted into a big mushy ball -- a blue and white one with a maple leaf on it
i wore a damn jersey.
an xxl one
oh god -- i looked so trashy.
it was fun.
especially when i got to the game and realized lots of females go
hot ones... replacing the xxl jersey with high heels, make up, earrings, and skinny jeans.
oh ya -- it was fun.
 it wasn't only hooters and heels that made my night though,
the experience was well beyond worth it from the moment we entered the center and seba's face lit up
it was like christmas in october
watching how proudly he walked hand in hand with his daddy wearing matching toques and jerseys
-- seriously -- the cutest moment ever 
i found myself unexpectedly choked up
if i wasn't so concentrated on not letting seba get crushed, i may have actually cried at the cuteness
          i could not believe how well behaved my little mister was
not how freakishly obsessed he is with this sport
he stood in front of stefano's seat the whole time watching, pointing, cheering and dancing
maybe one can be born a fan?
if that's the case i'm sure the gene just skipped a generation
cause i sure as hell was not born one
but like every rule, here is the exception: 
i'm his number #1 fan

trofie al pesto

let me start by saying i don't like pesto
i find the taste of it overwhelming on my tongue
over-flavoured. over-rich.
usually after 5 mouthfuls, i quit.
this pesto was delicate and light
yummy. yummy. yummy.
what's different about this pesto?
no idea.
maybe it was my blood, sweat and tears.
ha! it wasn't that difficult.
it wasn't difficult at all actually.
i think the difference was in the basil.
it was much lighter tasting than any i have tasted before.
it may have also been that i didn't make a lot of pesto for the amount of pasta i had
so it wasn't drowning in sauce... 
it was delicately bathed in it.
which was perfect for the little mister.
perfect for all of us.

2 big bunches of basil
2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
2 handfuls of pinenuts
a crapload of parmigiano cheese
2 tablespoons of olive oil
500g of pasta 

Carefully select your basil leaves -- wash and dry them 
Place them in the mortar along with the garlic, pinenuts, cheese and olive oil
ground all the ingredients together into a paste-like sauce
**you can also use a blender, but the recipe recommended going old school -- 
the mortar retains the flavour of the basil which apparently is lost in the blending process

boil the pasta for the time indicated on the package {i used trofie pasta}
before straining, take about a 1/2 cup of the water from the pot and place aside

add the saved water to the pesto mixture and stir
now mix the pesto with the pasta
and badam --
you've got yourself some pesto
ooooey gooooey goodness people
definitely try this at home.

October 14, 2011

his hair

immediately after removing his hat

and one minute later
weird. i know. i had to wipe my eyes to see if i was seeing things. 
but no -- his hair expands when brought into contact with air.

{i found}

the bestest cook book ever.  the photos are gorgeous. the stories are lovely. the recipes are delicious.
yesterday i made the pesto. so good.

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