October 11, 2011

365 minutes with stinky: minute seventy-five

and so.. even if i hate how ridiculous i sound in this video, i will post it.
seba is identifying and saying PURPLE!
he's loving numbers and colours right now.
his favourite numbers are: 7, 8, and 9 {especially nine}
his favourites colours are : purple and red
poor sebi .. i will try not to sound so annoying when i talk to you from now on... 
i sound like that annoying mother we heard in the doctor's office that time.... 
the one i swore i'd never sound like. 
"wouuuuuulllld youuuuuuu liiiiiiiike aaaaaaa coooooookkkkiiiiiieeeee sweeeeeety? 
or would you prefffeeeerrrr aaaaaaan orrrraaaaannnnggee?"
i know we're supposed to accentuate our words.. but that doesn't make it less irritating to hear.

doctor's office observation : motherhood makes you annoying -- so it's not my fault.

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