October 4, 2011

as usual there is only one reason to be thankful for the cooler weather....

and that is:
fall clothing
as much as i hate the cold -- an awful heck of a lot
i love fall / winter clothes:
turtle necks
vintage knits
thick tights and knee-highs
layers, layers, layers
and more layers
and of course
which lucky for me, 
seba seems to be loving right now
-- so damn excited -- 
it would not have been fun having to force him to wear all these dorky hats just for me
and the first hat of the season isssssssss:

*thank you seba for loving hats as much as mommy loves them on you*

1 comment:

  1. I love this time of year for the clothes too! I just wish it didn't mean that the dreaded snow is just around the corner. Seba's hat is adorable. So is his jacket. The kid's got style.


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