October 2, 2011

he makes my world go round

with his cutesy curls
his "bye-bye" to bath water
 his rainboot obsession (rain or shine... it's rainboot time!)
 his open-mouthed genuine shock and love for motorcycles and aiplanes
his excitement for the train --
how he managed to turn the most annoying thing about our house location  into the most exciting thing that ever happened to us is beyond me, 
but then again -- don't kids have this effect on everything?  
they manage to turn the most uneventful moment
into a moment that makes history
everyday and always
seba made my lifestory
he's my big bang, my walk-on-the-moon,
he makes my world go round.
my uneventful life has become a 
hit series
all because it's starring him.

1 comment:

  1. So beautifully said. And the curls? To die for.

    (and P.S. - love the new header)


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