October 24, 2011

italy: the good, the bad, and the stinky.
day thirteen

the good: focaccia in parma
the bad: the umbrella stroller. it may be easier to fly with -- but that's about it. umbrella strollers and cobblestone? bad idea.
the stinky: hot mammas in heels with perfect hair. 

 no, that is not me up ahead
i wish it were
 but sadly i am back here...
the one behind the camera jealously snapping a photo
italian women:
they dress well. have nice hair.
always wear matching bras and undies
they wear heels with strollers, motorcycles, bicycles...and on cobblestone
i remember this day clearly: i got out of the car feeling decent about myself..
until i saw her and thought: what the hell?!  where do women like this come from? 
 i can't even find matching socks since having a baby.. 
and here is this woman all sexified and victoria secrestish with child in tow?
please dear lord tell me she's a nanny. an aunt. a family friend.
then suddenly a little voice called: "mamma"
it's not. fair.
 at least seba kept his eyes on me the whole time?
so loyal, my little prince
the focaccia here made my day
so did this lello house!
this fountain boy made my year...
and maybe even something more.

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