October 16, 2011

sadly i'm not as big a fan as they are

{well, i'm actually not a fan at all}
but i sacrificed and went to the game for them
i didn't want to go but
stefano begged me
he even got seba to beg me
and i melted into a big mushy ball -- a blue and white one with a maple leaf on it
i wore a damn jersey.
an xxl one
oh god -- i looked so trashy.
it was fun.
especially when i got to the game and realized lots of females go
hot ones... replacing the xxl jersey with high heels, make up, earrings, and skinny jeans.
oh ya -- it was fun.
 it wasn't only hooters and heels that made my night though,
the experience was well beyond worth it from the moment we entered the center and seba's face lit up
it was like christmas in october
watching how proudly he walked hand in hand with his daddy wearing matching toques and jerseys
-- seriously -- the cutest moment ever 
i found myself unexpectedly choked up
if i wasn't so concentrated on not letting seba get crushed, i may have actually cried at the cuteness
          i could not believe how well behaved my little mister was
not how freakishly obsessed he is with this sport
he stood in front of stefano's seat the whole time watching, pointing, cheering and dancing
maybe one can be born a fan?
if that's the case i'm sure the gene just skipped a generation
cause i sure as hell was not born one
but like every rule, here is the exception: 
i'm his number #1 fan

1 comment:

  1. I'm not a hockey fan either, but these pictures are so precious! Totally worth it!


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